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The misery check

Christian, you blew it and you know it. You sinned. You did what God forbade you to do. You failed to do what God told you to do. You have agreed with God that you blew it. You have expressed sorrow over hurting your God (2 Corinthians 7:10). What now?

You could choose to heed those thoughts...those thoughts Satan has sent your way to keep you from asking God for forgiveness:

“You are not worthy.”
“You don’t deserve forgiveness.”

And one of Satan’s favorites:

“You have to pay your dues. You have to feel guilty for a long time.”

Now the word, “guilt” comes from an Anglo-Saxon word that means, “to pay.” Satan wants to keep you feeling guilty—to keep paying for the wrong you have done—to keep paying for the wrong by writing misery checks. You write out the check to God and earmark it, “misery.” Satan will tell you that you have to write a slew of “misery checks” before you can be forgiven. He wants you to pay off your debt to God with guilt. There is at least one problem with that idea: Satan will never tell you when you have written enough misery checks. He wants you to feel guilty forever.

The truth is: On the Cross Jesus Christ Wrote a Misery Check for All the Sins of All the People for All Time.

You do not have to write even one misery check if you have truly surrendered to Christ in prayer...
• Believing that He is the Son of God,
• Thanking Him for dying on the Cross to pay for your sins and rising from the dead to conquer death,
• Asking Him to forgive your sins,
• Asking Him to lead your life for His glory and His pleasure.

With that prayer you received the benefit of Christ’s misery check. Whenever you sin, you ask for and receive God’s forgiveness.
Beyond this moment of guilt required.

Thank you for reading this article. Please pass it on to others. Each time someone reads it, funds are received which I then forward to help rescue slave children in a nation in the Middle East. In the last year alone we have helped rescue 24 slaves--20 orphans and a family of four. Please visit our page on Facebook: "Defend and Rescue."


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