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The miraculous marvel of water

Northern Atlantic Ocean
Northern Atlantic Ocean
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Water is amazing; yet we have been given vast quantities of it. We surely need it! It has been called the "matrix of life'. Without it, life could not exist on our planet. The vast majority of life functions occur in water. It is the basis of all vital chemical and physical activities on which life on earth depends. It is not an accident that living creatures primarily consist of water. Most organisms are composed of more than 50 percent water. Seventy percent of the body weight of a human being is water. Interesting note, planet Earth today is covered by almost 70 percent of water on its surface.

Life processes could not properly take place in solid water (ice), nor in water vapor, which is too volatile. Liquid water itself is needed. About two-thirds of the surface of the earth is covered by an ocean of water. The water fills the deepest trenches on earth to about 35,000 feet below sea level. It is mind boggling how much water is in the oceans. The amount of water in the ocean is sufficient to cover the entire earth to a depth of about 8,000 feet if the surface of the earth were completely smooth. Earth is unique among the planets of the solar system because it currently exhibits the only liquid water on any planet at the surface. A small amount of water exists on a few of the other planets in either gaseous or frozen form, but only the earth has liquid water. The temperature of the other planets is either too cold or too hot to maintain water in liquid form

Liquid water is necessary for most life processes on the earth and explains why the earth is so fertile. Some of the other planets like Mars may have contained liquid water in the past, as evidence by erosional features, but this water has either evaporated and escaped to space or is trapped in the crust in frozen form.

God when He created earth in the beginning knew water was one of the important factors for the earth to be habitable for biological life (Isaiah 45:18). Water is very important for human beings to survive physically. But what is more important is the water of God's Word (John 3:5). The Living Water (Word of God) is like cold waters to a thirsty soul (Proverbs 25:25) which refreshes and replenishes the thirsty soul of a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, who thirst for the things of God (I Corinthians 2:12-13). Amen !