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The Mini-skirt Problem

Long a bone of contention for Western school and work dress codes, the mini-skirt has come under fire in Uganda. 200 women in Uganda marched on the capital arguing against the dress code, stating it encourages sexual harassment and victim-bashing.

So the mini-skirt debate rises again - just like hemlines rise.

If you wear a short skirt, you are "loose" and "inviting trouble". Why? Because of what other people think? One can't control that. So are beautiful people or people with ample bosoms to blame when they get attacked? You know, maybe women just wear mini-skirts not to claim their sexuality or make a political statement but do so because they are in a warm climate.

I usually wear modest skirts but when it hits 90 degrees, my skirts are shorter. Not because of any political statement - I'm just too warm to want to put on any more clothing than necessary.

When I was younger, it was a problem. It may still be now but I'm older and I just don't care what anyone says. I'm just happy I live here and not Uganda where it's outlawed. Wear a mini-skirt this week in support of the ladies of Uganda. Just wear tights and boots - it's cold!

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