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The Mind Of A Successful Person

With many of the interviews I do I often ask "what does it take to be successful"? So many of the answers have included a person's mind set, self motivation, the will to succeed, never give up, preparation of what it is one is trying to achieve, and so on.

Through going through each of the interviews, there is are common area that lead to major goals, starting with short term goals, accomplishing one portion of the puzzle and adding more as one goes. This way a person is not overwhelmed with too much pressure, given themselves room to focus and see how the big picture is coming together.

The preparation part is crucial, because if one doesn't know what they want to do, then how can one know what road/roads will get them there? They can't know, it's getting in a taxi and trying to explain a place, but you don't know the physical address to get you there. Now you have to hope the taxi driver knows the landmarks you are describing to help get you on your journey.

Life is full of adventures, giving the claim that one can be whatever they put they mind to be, which is a great foundation to stand upon. As well as the people in your circle can help or hurt you, as well as your motivational drive. This is why this message is so important to those that are trying to make it in this world, so always push yourself towards greatness while dropping the people that do not want to see you grow as a person.

These type of people come in many forms, so pay attention to their actions rather than what their mouths are saying, giving true note to "actions speak louder than words". Once a person shows you their true intentions, now you can put them in different categories that will help you decide on what to do with them. Either keep them on your team or disengage from them and continue to soar to new heights, staying clear of all dead weight that can attach itself to you.

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