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The Mind of a Chef: April Bloomfield dishes out some culinary chatter

April has gotten ahead
April has gotten ahead
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Some food for thought: PBS Distribution has released The Mind of a Chef: April Bloomfield, a DVD that combines cooking, travel, history, science and humor into an unforgettable journey. Join Executive Producer and narrator Anthony Bourdain as he takes viewers inside the mind of noted chef and restaurateur April Bloomfield.
Had British-born Chef April Bloomfield not been drinking with her mates the night before her application to the police academy was due, she might not have overslept and missed her chance to join the force. Had things worked out as planned, however, the culinary world would be devoid of one of the most innovative chefs in a generation.
Chef Bloomfield and her partner Ken Friedman own and operate four restaurants in New York City–The Spotted Pig, The Breslin Bar & Dining Room, The John Dory Oyster Bar and Salvation Taco–as well as Tosca Cafe in San Francisco. Over the course of eight half-hour episodes, watch April wrestle with the demands of opening a restaurant, test menu ideas, obsess over ingredients, and cook with her mentors and contemporaries.
The second season of The Mind of a Chef consists of 16 episodes, with the first eight episodes featuring Sean Brock and the last eight episodes featuring April Bloomfield.The series earned just desserts: The Mind of a Chef won a prestigious James Beard Foundation Award for Best Television Program on Location.