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The Million Dollar Trilogy: The Million Dollar Divorce by RM Johnson

Million Dollar Divorce
Million Dollar Divorce

Nate Kenny has everything that a man could ever want. He has a beautiful wife named Monica, a multimillion dollar business, and is on the verge of having the family he's always dreamed of. That is until he discovers that his wife has entered into early menopause and will not be unable to have children. To Nate that is bearable expect for the fact that Monica would have been able to have children when they first married. Armed with this information, Nate sets out to divorce his wife, without paying her the $30 million that she is owed. Knowing that the only way to protect is fortune is through Monica's infidelity, Nate hires down on his luck Lewis to pose as a rich, successful real estate developer, who quickly wins Monica over. On paper, everything is going perfect, except for the fact Monica and Lewis began to fall in love. After realizing that he may actually lose his wife, Nate calls off the plan, unaware that his Brother Tim has told Monica everything. Nate decides to go along with the adoption and plans a trip for his wife, not knowing the game is over. Monica moves out and foregoes her part of Nate's fortune. Neither one of them counted on spiteful Tori to tape her and Nate's final soiree, which allows to Monica to take 15 out of Nate's, 60 million dollars. But do you really think that Nate would let that go down without a fight?