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"The Million Dollar Trilogies: The final novel: the Million Dollar Demise"

million dollar demise cover
million dollar demise cover
Simon and Schuster

Some things never change and Nate Kelly is one of those people. After laying in the hospital with several gunshot wounds due to his revenge on Lewis, who he originally hired to rid him of Monica, you'd think he'd give up. But Nate Kelly does not give up until he has what he wants and your life is ruined. Now that Monica is on a coma and Nathaniel is missing and he has Lewis' daughter, Layla. We know that Nate will dangle Layla over Lewis until he gets what he wants but this time Lewis and Nate's scorned ex Daphanie, have learned how to play the game. Daphanie tells Nate she is pregnant with his baby and Nate leaves a still hospitalized  Monica for her and Lewis wont give in to Nate so easily this time. Let's not forget about Freddie who is on the run with Nathaniel and staying with an equally conniving ex, who cooks up a plan to get millions and keep Nathaniel. Will Nate finally be outsmarted? All I can say is: Mr. Johnson has done it again and you'll have to read it yourself. Also, I have an interview with him coming up. Stay tuned.