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The Million Dollar Series by RM Johnson: The Million Dollar Deception

Million Dollar Deception Cover
Million Dollar Deception Cover
Simon and Schuster

Question: if you're name is Nate Kenny and your wife just made of with $15 million dollars from your divorce due to a tape from your scorned secretary, what do you do? You scheme to get every penny back. If you've read The Million Dollar Divorce, you know that Nate is greedy and smart. When you combine those two things, you get Nate's elaborate plots. In the beginning of the story, Tori and Nate meet after he reveals he paid an employee to find her, marry her, and get his money back. To Nate, these aren't people they're things and things can be paid off. Nate schemes and doesn't think of the consequences. You can make the plot but you can't control how it plays out. After Tori finds out about Nate diabolical plan, Tori shoots herself at the loss of her husband. Although her husband, Aaron Hunter D.K.A Greg Billups, loved her she was just a project and to dwell his pain, Nate does what he knows how to do, he hands out money. Nate really makes me sick.

Nate also didn't count on Monica and Lewis falling in love but it happened. The year after Monica and Nate's divorce, she is a successful boutique owner and Nate wants his money back. So he plans an elaborate scheme to make Monica fall in love with him so he can get his money back and destroy what she's built with it. If Nate put half of the time he spends scheming into building his business, he would quickly recoup that money. The plot involves Freddy, Lewis' best friend who is down on his luck and needs the cash. So Nate buys the deed to his mother's house and uses it to manipulate Freedy so that Lewis loses Monica. Everything almost goes according to the plan, except Freddy's girlfriend Kia tells Lewis the plan and it costs Freddy everything.

Now that Nate has what he wants, he throws Freddy to the wasteside but doesn't count on Freddy's anger. Nate believes that he can quell the anger with money but it's going to take more than money to heal the wounds that come from he and Freddy's encounter.

Side note: why does Monica trust Nate again knowing what he did the first time? I want to go in the novel and rob Nate blind and slap some sense into Monica.