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‘The Millers’ episode 19 ‘Tomlandia’ synopsis and guest stars

'The Millers'
'The Millers'
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The CBS sitcom “The Millers” will be back in under a month, but what will the family be up to? On Friday, March 21, “The Millers” official site, released the synopsis for the upcoming episodes. Including episode 19, “Tomlandia,” and episode 18, “Walk-n-Wave.”

Episode 19, “Tomlandia,” will follow Nathan as he pitches a children’s show to his boss, Ed Dolan. The children’s show is based on Tom’s imaginary comic book. The idea goes through, but Tom has an adverse reaction to the tweaks made to his cherished world. “Tomlandia” will premiere on Thursday, April 10.

Guest starring in “Tomlandia” are Jeffrey Tambor, Jocelyn Ayanna, and Billy Johnston.

The synopsis for episode 18, “Walk-n-Wave,” was previously released. In case you missed it, it will featured Nathan worried that his mother has raised him to feel like he’s better than other people. Not wanting to be this way, Nathan befriends a hopeless co-worker, Doug. However, Doug turns out to be a social outcast and more than Nathan knows how to handle. Meanwhile, Tom and Adam argue about who is smarter and take an online test to find out.

Guest starring in “Walk-n-Wave” are Roseanne Barr, Andy Richter, Rachel Cannon, Molly Erdman, and more.

“Walk-n-Wav” premieres on Thursday, April 3.

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