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The milk carton résumé

Like so many ignored ads
Like so many ignored ads
Irene Botsko's résumé

One of the benefits of networking and sending email blasts is to market yourself to as many prospective employers as possible. During such exchanges, it is hoped that fellow networkers will share your name, business card or résumé with a hiring manager when they hear about a position that may be a good fit.

The problem is that some networkers are like milk drinkers –they treat résumés like pictures of missing children. Even if we Americans don’t treat each other’s business cards like the Japanese –with the utmost respect – we can at least treat another person’s information with professional courtesy.

When you receive someone else’s business card or résumé, pass along his/her information to a prospective employer. And the next time you see a picture of a missing child, take a minute to study it.

Here is a link to the LinkedIn profile of Irene Botsko, the only email blast I received in December: She is looking for a Business Support position in central Ohio. Please take a moment to look at her profile –and pass it along to a prospective employer.