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'The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot' shows off its many changes at PAX East 2014

"The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot," from Ubisoft, has always been a popular game since it's closed beta. Now that it has finally been open to the public, mass amounts of new castles have been popping up everywhere. Since the closed beta, there have been quite a few changes to the game. Boston Games Examiner caught up with lead writer, Matt Zagurak, at PAX East to talk about the changes that the game has made from closed beta to open.

Logo for "The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot"

The biggest change to the game was made to the castle defense system. Players can now place anything, anywhere. The only catch is you have to be able to defeat your own castle's defense system in order to publish it online. The helps prevent players from making impossible castles to get through. This should make players feel better because there will be no such thing as a castle too hard to beat.

Another big change to the game is a new character, The Runaway. She is the first female character in the game, and is coincidentally named after the band which had female rockers such as Joan Jett, Sandy West, Micki Steel, Cherie Currie, Jackie Fox, and Lita Ford. The Runaway's weapon of choice is a giant ax.

We also asked Zagurak to address the previous "pay to win" issues some thought the game had. He replied, "I don't think the game was, to be fair, ever really a 'pay to win.' I think what it was that we had systems in place that allowed you to accelerate some of your progression that was never really giving you an advantage over anyone else, per say, but it was just making it easy for you to go forward, but that has all be totally changed since then. Basically now all of the things you use paid currency for are pretty much customization items; themes and decorations."

Since Zagurak worked more on the story side of things, and less on the development of the game, we asked him if there was any chance players would ever see a campaign in the game. Zagurak had this to say, "One thing that we're thinking of doing, that we're working on now, is introducing a system of quests. Not to make a whole complicated story, per say, because it's not really that kind of game. It's more of a mechanics driven game. The [kind of] game that you want to pick up and play. We'd definitely like to introduce more of a quest line system that would give more meat on the bone in terms of players that enjoy the world and enjoy the tone and humor. The other thing that we're doing, and I often say that the story of the game is the story that the players create around it, we're introducing a new system called 'chapters,' and that's basically a meta-narrative around the game that's really going to reinforce and give more tools to players to be able to tell that story themselves."

An example of the types of quest lines players can expect are having objectives that would come with some kind of narrative with them. For example, having a quest line of five different quests that take the player from collecting an item and then having to use that item in a certain context and then having to be able to defeat a certain amount of creatures and receive a reward that was unique to that quest line. All at the same time introducing some kind of anecdote as the player progresses through it.

With the game in beta, many things are always changing and being tweaked ever so slightly by the development team. Something else that players can expect soon is crafting. Zagurak also mentioned the possibility of more classes and heroes.

There is no set date for a final release for the game. You can download "The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot" through their website.

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