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The Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire defies time in Ansonia

You can throw axes! (But only in the safe confines of the faire. Don't try this at home.)
You can throw axes! (But only in the safe confines of the faire. Don't try this at home.)
The Lady of Graves

Once upon a time there was a land where you could frolic among elves, gobins, dwarves orcs, and fairies (disclaimer: it is wise to be careful when frolicking with goblins or orcs, and even some dwarves), drink mead, play with swords and other medieval torture devices, and be entertained by some of the finest and bawdiest wenches and bards around. And that time was last weekend at the opening of The Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire at Warsaw Park in Ansonia. But, dear readers, it is also this weekend and next.

The King (Frank Zilyni) and the Green Man (Jeffry Bukowski).
Cassandra Vachss

Perhaps you remember the articles I wrote about it last year, especially the one in which I talked about Daniel Greenwolf. Well, this year, he is back again as General Manager, and he took some time out of his incredibly busy schedule in the middle of faire time to tell you:

The Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire has over 20 professional acts, 50 artisan crafters and vendors, and an original scripted storyline that creates a fantastic land where dwarves, elves, and faeries exist. A cast of over 80 people join together to create a environment where patrons are not just audience members, but fully involved participants in the world around them. For the last year, we have been preparing everything down to the finest detail and we hope that it comes across to everyone that walks through our gate and inspires imagination in them.

There was a time when I traveled the East Coast going to Ren Faires and I have to tell you, I cannot be more thrilled to have found one this great nearby. I haven’t been to this year’s yet, but from what I understand from those who have, it just gets better every year.

This year’s story . . . well, let me quote from the website:

Welcome to the Shire of Anleigh, in our Kingdom of Cuulayne where King Tonitrus has ruled with his elven Queen Erulisse for many years.

Last Year, the death of the Evil Lord High Constable Morgan of Owain created a power vacuum in the Kingdom of Cuulayne, the most powerful kingdom In the world.

To fill this void, King Tonitrus has sent a message out to the 7 Nations of the World calling for the best warriors to compete in a tournament where the victor will become Cuulayne's New Lord High Constable.

But all is not well in Cuulayne. A past rival of the King plans to use this tournament as the staging ground to not just take control of Cuulayne's army, but cripple the Nations of the World in one deft strategic blow.

And the Nations of the World may be powerless to stop him . . .

Find out by following the Story Throughout the Day!

The list of acts is too long to fully give, but I will mention a few. The faire features “Magic, Comedy, and Possibly Death” from the illustrious Daniel Greenwolf himself (whom I barely even recognized—ow!), The World of Wyck (hot…you know, fire breather, hot . . .), The Graces (um, also hot, no disclaimer), Crime & Punishment (Medieval torture combined with humor—as if the first could exist without the second—kidding, folks, relax), Katie Kat (a stunning siren), and Duncan Inches (Stand-up Shakespeare and an off-beat English Teacher’s dream).

Vendors will be selling their wares from leather, staffs, herbals, garb, parasols, psychic readings—you know, everything you would have found during these magical times and maybe a bit more. As far as food, well there is a photo of a turkey leg on the food vendor page so need I say more?

If you still are unsure about whether or not you want to take this journey back in time, perhaps I can convince you with this slide show from my extremely talented friend The Lady of Graves. Disclaimer: there are disclaimers on each applicable photo because, well, I am still a teacher, and I know . . .

The Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire information, including schedule, tickets, and map can be found at its official website. You can also “like” its Facebook page. Yeah, so there was no Facebook in Medieval Times, but then again, the faire is all about fantasy and magic so deal with it.

So, my dear readers, I’ll be seeing you at the faire.


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