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The Midnight Grindshow™


Unlock the mysterious secrets of The Midnight Grindshow™ in this epic dark-fantasy, role-playing game. magine waking up in a misty, desolate meadow. With no idea who or where you are, you come to realize your memories are stolen, leaving nothing but a burning curiosity in their wake. All you see are the twinkling lights of tents in the distance. You are quickly accosted and attacked by a grotesque gang of clowns. Your goal - defeating them and taking their weapons and trinkets. You then proceed to The Midnight Grindshow, to engage in a harrowing battle that leaves your own soul hanging in the balance. Oh, and you also get to do some fun things, like battle a ferret and operate a cotton-candy chainsaw.

The creators want to change the world of video games. They have paper doll 2D images that interact with all characters. There is a lot of action and a story line that is different from anything you have ever seen. It sounds like it would be a great book too! (hint, hint to Jason and Gary)

Perks include unlocked versions of the game, your image used in the game, your name in the credits, and being a character in a game. Every wanted to help make a video game? This is your time!

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