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The Michigan Renaissance Festival, things start to begin, months in advance

Maybe you're job hunting, maybe you've never been there, or maybe you travel the country from show to show...making you a "Rennie"!

It's hard to imagine a more wonderful village nestled in the woods. On any beautiful day during the festival, thousands of people line these quiet streets and fill the woods with a quest for magic and the wonderful.
It's hard to imagine a more wonderful village nestled in the woods. On any beautiful day during the festival, thousands of people line these quiet streets and fill the woods with a quest for magic and the wonderful.
always under change, the festival grounds both inspires and entertains

The many Renaissance Festivals, follow the warm weather across the United States. Not only a Michigan festival, the owners of these multimillion dollar affairs, often own more than just one of them; and they are a small city simply by themselves!

Early in the season, clean up and organization begins; actually it never ends, but as the days and weeks pass leading up to opening looks very much like a Bee Hive of activity!

Painting, planting, ordering, rehearsing, auditions, casting, set design, clean up and repair....there's a Castle to clean, a garden to plant, fountains to prepare, and shop after shop of dusting and sweeping.

People go for many reasons. You might like re-enactments; the central theme is the Royal Court and things like High Tea and The Joust. You might like the Fantasy Realm of it all, Fairies and Wizards; or the darker side, Dragons and Witches. Maybe you love to shop for things like hand crafted one-of-a-kind copper fountains, or 3 foot long sticks of incense. There's drum makers, and rain stick sellers and flutes of every size. You can hear music in the air most of the day, and 100's of different aromas coming from the various food offerings.

...and don't think because you're in the woods, that the food will suck! Some people go just for the food! Turkey drum sticks, Scotch eggs, and hot cross spuds...the list goes on and on. There's a nice veggie lasagna, burgers, The King's Ice, giant pickles, The King's Nuts, and potato skins with the fixings. You can have decadent cheesecake and chocolate dipped strawberries! and you'll find several kinds of homemade fudge; or you can pack a lunch from home!

Quite a picnic in the woods, top it off with your favorite beverage; both alcohol and non alcoholic choices! (Try the Mead! It's made from Honey, and delicious beyond belief!) There's beer, ale, hard cider, wine, coffee,cappuccino, hot chocolate, pop, water, smoothies, and fruit drinks. Tea and various specialty stuff sometimes too.

Many people dress up, making the experience a more interactive one. It's part of the fun of it, and often whole families will play the part; and an abundance of fantasy dress up can be witnessed. Costumes range from Halloween remakes to leather-work, worth $1000's! and people from all over the World, show up to be tourists during these extravaganzas; with the diversity only adding to the experience!

A good suggestion: Check local resale shops for some basic apparel to build on. Consider capes, cloaks, vests, genie pants, moccasins, boots, hats, bold belts and old prom dresses as wardrobe possibilities. Wings maybe? or horns? or a horn, as in Unicorn. Royalty wore rich jewel toned hues and the peasants in dark functional garments...browns, blacks, and dirty whites! It's only limited by your imagination and creativity. Have fun with it, or just wear jeans.

Often pets are dressed up too, but remember that a pet's credentials (shot record) and a leash are required; and please no aggressive dogs. Other pets have also been to Festival, such as various birds and reptiles. You just never know what you'll see! Check individual sites for specific rules of each.

Are you into photography? It's out there! Film? That has happened on site too! It's a giant artsy, crafty, media, gardening, foodie, cultural explosion of colors and sounds, and scents, and the woods.

Consider employment as a way to participate more economically, but it will be work. It's very nice to go and enjoy the day as you would like, but if you're job hunting...the festivals have much to offer. Skilled Trades are often needed, as well as groundskeepers and trash removal. Painting, woodworking, carpentry, and just don't know what may need doing until you inquire and apply yourself. Anything a small village of workers would require, could be a possible job opportunity.

Michigan, Minnesota, Louisiana, Texas, California, North Carolina, and Florida have large Renaissance Festivals. Many people travel continuously on the festival circuit, as shop keepers, employees and performers of many types. Many new sites pop up each year, as the obvious flow of cash is observed via the Renaissance Festival venues. No small undertaking, large festivals, well organized and executed, continue to build upon their reputations each year...and surpass quota's more often than not; with Mother Nature and the weather forecast being the only downside. Surprisingly though, people show up in the rain! Huzzah! and bottoms up!

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Michigan Renaissance Festival
Welcome to the 2014 Michigan Renaissance Festival! Join us Weekends & Labor Day, August 16th thru September 28th, PLUS Festival Friday, September 26th!

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