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The Michigan parole system should be eliminated

The Michigan parole system should be eliminated. An 84 year-old Novi woman, Bernice Schaufele, was brutally murdered by a convicted felon out on parole. Too many times innocent and defenseless people such Ms. Schaufele fall victim to murderers roaming our streets. The suspect, Peter Jones, was out on parole from two previous murder charges.

Bernice didn’t deserve to be beaten to death by some barbarous savage. Nobody does. But these incompetent brainless bureaucrats who paroled Jones should feel the wrath of the Schaufele family. Someone with two previous homicide convictions is a menace to society. He is a ruthless murderer. He had no business being out of prison. A family has lost a grandmother and mother due to oblivious bureaucrats.

Our elected officials have a sworn duty to protect the general welfare. This should not be a political issue. That means keeping criminals incarcerated so innocent women like Ms. Schaufele don’t get ruthlessly murdered. Nearly 70% of parolees are arrested within a year while on parole. That’s hardly a record of success.

The parole system needs to be eliminated. Common sense could see Jones was unfit to be a free man. Bureaucrats have little sense common or otherwise. In 2006, a parolee in Michigan went on a murder spree killing three. In Oakland, California in 2009, another parolee killed four policemen, two a point-blank range. How many more grandmothers and policemen have to die while brainless bureaucrats escape with impunity.

For restitution, the families of these victims should sue the personnel on state parole boards. The public can sue doctors trying save lives or McDonald’s for serving hot coffee. It’s high time these faceless cowards in Lansing took responsibility for their actions.

We rarely urge our readers to get involved in campaigns but this is too crucial to ignore. Call your legislators in Lansing, 517-373-2400. It’s time to put the parole board away with the rotary phone and the buggy whip.

Final Thought: Speaking of bureaucratic geniuses, Vice President Biden spoke at a fundraiser in Detroit this week, saying Detroit schools are improving and the streets are safe. He must have gotten a new brain with his new hair.

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