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The Metabolic Power of the Throat – Video

When it comes to metabolic power, we tend to think of that power as being fueled from outside of ourselves, from the foods we eat or the supplements we take. But the truth is, metabolic power is often generated from the inside. One of those internal places that plays a key role in metabolism is the throat. We often overlook this part of the body, giving our attention to the heart, or the digestive system for example. But the throat plays a key role in how we show up in the world, how expressed we feel, and how much or how little we allow our wisdom to come through in the expression of our voice, via our throat. Words have some of the most powerful impact in existence. It’s no coincidence that your voice, your ability to express yourself in the world, and the thyroid, which plays a role in nearly every metabolic function in the body, both exist in the throat. When we hold back our voice, we hold back our power. To tune in for more on this great topic, watch my video here: