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The Merck Home Health Handbook

The internet can be a wonderful resource for a lot of things: reconnecting with old friends, watching last week's episode of LOST and reading up on everything that Wikipedia has to offer. The internet is also the first place that many people turn for medical advice, sometimes in lieu of calling a doctor. While you should always consult a medical professional for health advice, some questions can be answered online. 

With thousands of facts and resources at your fingertips, it can be easy to look to Google or Bing for a solution to simple health ailments but sometimes, your search can lead you to incorrect information. What do you do when there is too much information out there?

The Merck Home Health Handbook is a comprehensive guide based on actual medical textbooks that explains various conditions, diseases and disorders. It also provides information about who is likely to get them, their symptoms, diagnosis, prevention, treatment and even prognosis.

Though a book certainly does not replace a consultation with a medical professional, some people might feel more comfortable consulting a book compiled by some of the nation's esteemed physicians and medical practitioners that trusting unknown sources on the 'net.

Where do you look for medical advice? Do you look to Dr. Google or a good old fashioned book?


  • daryl 4 years ago

    What a great service to direct people to this wonderfuil resource. I am a nurse and refer to this book as a 'bible'