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'The Mentalist' spoilers: Will Lisbon and Jane reach a turning point in finale?

"The Mentalist" season 6 finale is titled "Blue Bird" and the episode revolve around Lisbon and Jane. Carter Matt reports May 11 that the show has just been renewed for a seventh season, allowing time for Lisbon and Jane's relationship to be further explored. Lisbon's delayed moved to Washington, D.C. is the perfect opportunity for Jane to act on his feelings for her in the finale episode.

This is what the official CBS synopsis reads for "The Mentalist" season 6 finale episode:

"A new lead in a cold case requires Lisbon to delay her plans to leave for Washington, D.C. with Agent Pike, giving Jane time to finally come to terms with his feelings for her and decide on a course of action.”

Show creator Bruno Heller gave a few spoilers for the show away when he said it would "romantic" rather than "suspenseful" and at the end, questions involving Lisbon's relationship status would be answered.

There's been speculation going around that an engagement will happen on the finale and the one asking Lisbon to marry her will be Agent Pike. Fans have witnessed the closeness seen the last six years between Lisbon and Jane. The finale episode is suppose to bring a sense of "closure" for the characters played Simon Baker and Robin Tunney. Jane undoubtedly will let Lisbon know how he feels since a sense of urgency faces him.

Will Lisbon and Jane finally get together in the finale?

"The Mentalist," season 6 finale episode, "Blue Bird," will air on Sunday, May 18 on CBS at 10 p.m., ET/PT.

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