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‘The Mentalist’ spoilers: Teresa Lisbon decides between Patrick Jane, Agent Pike

Simon Baker is the lead character on The Mentalist
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

The fans of “The Mentalist” got the chance to see how torn Agent Teresa Lisbon is on her decision for the future. Deciding between the man who she has worked with in the past, Patrick Jane and moving on to Washington with Agent Pike, the dilemma weighed heavy on the episode on Sunday night. Fans are torn too, but time is running out for a decision to be made. This “The Mentalist” spoiler provides details of next week’s episode called “Black Hearts” and viewers who don’t want to know details should turn away now. According to TV Fanatic on Monday, Agent Lisbon will finally make her decision on what her future will hold.

The crime fighting hasn't stopped for the FBI as the kidnapping ring has become an elusive game of chase as the criminals outrun the authorities. This means that with time running out to save the victims of a kidnapping ring before they are transported overseas, Jane and Lisbon zero in on the criminal enterprise’s mastermind. The shock of seeing the bodies being harvested wasn't pretty on Sunday night and the team knows they need to rush to find the people responsible.

Meanwhile, Lisbon decides if she will move to D.C. with Agent Pike. Knowing that she is going to start a new life, it appears that Patrick Jane hasn't stepped up to tell her about his true feelings. This has made Agents Lisbon’s decision even more difficult. Fans are hoping he shares his feelings before it is too late.

Will Agent Lisbon choose to head off to Washington with new boyfriend Agent Marcus Pike? Or will she decide to stay in Austin with Jane Patrick? Fans are hoping for the latter, but what really happens has everyone holding their breath as it isn’t an easy decision.
“The Mentalist” airs Sunday night at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

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