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'The Mentalist' spoilers, season 7 news: Will Jane convince Lisbon to stay?

Will Lisbon and Jane split the team in the season 6 finale of 'The Mentalist'
Photo by Frazer Harrison

The season 6 “The Mentalist” finale airs Sunday night on CBS, and it looks like it will have viewers on the edges of their seats. Is this team about to split for good? Is the show coming back for season 7? On Sunday TV Guide shared some “The Mentalist” spoilers about what will happen in episode 6x22, and it sounds like an emotional one.

Episode 6x22 is titled “Blue Bird,” and Jane and Lisbon get a fresh lead in a cold case. Though Lisbon has plans in place to relocate, she's forced to put things on hold to deal with the new lead. It seems this delay gives Patrick Jane the chance to really think about his feelings toward Teresa Lisbon. Will he finally admit how he really feels about her?

“The Mentalist” spoiler preview from CBS teases that Jane will ask Lisbon to stay rather than “break up the team. He's shown running after a plane while she's shown sitting on a plane looking emotional. Is he going to tell her why he really wants her to stay, or will he try to keep it all about work?

Season 7 of “The Mentalist” has been picked up by CBS, so there is more on the way. Fans were left hanging on this one for a while, and it wasn't certain for a bit whether there would be a renewal or a cancellation. Luckily there are more episodes on the way, but the show won't return until midseason. Given that development, it seems pretty clear that that Lisbon won't leave for good, but where things head for the team both professionally and personally is unclear for now.

The big question is, then, does Lisbon stay for love or business? Just how far does Jane go to convince her to stay? It hasn't been detailed whether there is a cliffhanger ahead Sunday night, so fans will have to tune in to find out where things are left by the end of the night. Episode 6x22 of “The Mentalist” titled “Blue Bird” airs Sunday, May 18 on CBS.

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