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‘The Mentalist’ spoilers: Jane Patrick visit oil fracking site in ‘Grey Water'

Jane Patrick and the rest of the characters of “The Mentalist” are on borrowed time. One of the few shows that wasn't renewed by the CBS executives, the fans of the show are looking to enjoy the series as it plays out and comes to a conclusion. On Sunday night, the gang heads to an oil fracking site and the murder at hand will involve instincts more than science. This “The Mentalist” spoiler is for Season 6, Episode 14 so viewers who don’t want to know details should turn away now. According to Hollywood Hills on Saturday, another clip from the show revealed that the team is focus on finding clues as Jane encourages everyone to follow their instincts.

When Jane and Fischer investigate a murder at an oil fracking site, there seems to be a question on how the individual ended up at the site. While Jane might have a bag of parlor tricks, it seems he is relying on the team to help bring in the clues and sometimes it appears that they are just playing guessing games.

It doesn't appear that the team can solve the recently reported problems of big oil companies dumping nine billion gallons of fracking waste off our coasts, but their gut instincts will solve this murder mystery. With an anti-fracker found dead, Jane and Fischer will be on the oil rig site to interview the key people involved. This episode has all the elements of greed and corporation cover-up and is one of the best of the season.

Meanwhile, the crime that Rigsby and Van Pelt travel to Austin to help investigate has bigger questions, including who are the suspects in the string of attacks on former CBI team members. With the attacks so close to home, there is no doubt the crime needs to be solved before someone else is killed.

“The Mentalist” is on CBS Sunday with “Grey Water” starting at 10 p.m. ET on March 16, 2014.

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