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‘The Mentalist’ spoilers: Jane baits art thieves to get the return of riches

Patrick Jane is looking at finding himself in the middle of a large argument between two FBI agents on Sunday night. Usually it is Jane who causes all the drama, but this week it is Teresa Lisbon who seems to have found someone that she is attracted to. This “The Mentalist” spoiler offers details about the episode “Violets” that airs on March 30. Viewers who don’t want to know details need to look away now. According to the Latino Post on Friday, the search for the next set of thieves requires a dangerous sting operation.

Jane enlists his colleagues in a dangerous sting operation to catch a deadly team of art thieves. Using typical methods that he usually finds to work, there seems to be a bit of a risky side to the plan and it leaves everyone uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, sparks fly between Teresa Lisbon and an agent from the FBI’s art squad. The two seem to be interested in each other which is a minor distraction.

While the show might be cancelled after this season, some fans are asking why Lisbon would not be interested in Jane instead of someone she just met working on a case. The pairing of the two stars has been a step away for several seasons and it appears now, before the end of the series finale, the viewers won’t get any satisfaction of knowing the couple could have been a possibility either.

“The Mentalist is on CBS with the episode “Violets” airing on March 30 at 10 p.m. ET.

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