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‘The Mentalist’ season finale: Teresa Lisbon loves Patrick Jane? Kiss tells all

Robin Tunney
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

The “Mentalist” fans are finally going to see Patrick Jane bring down the wall and share how he really feels about Teresa Lisbon on the season finale. Viewers have watched the two characters solve case after case for the FBI on the series, but when it comes to being a tiny bit honest on how Patrick Jane feels about Agent Teresa Lisbon, it’s been silent. According to Christian Post on Sunday, the two will finally have a conversation and Patrick Jane will confront his feelings for Teresa on the last episode of the season.

As FBI Agent Pike has come into the office and whisked Agent Lisbon off her feet, the two are planning to move together to Washington and maybe even get married. The fans have been talking to the TV for weeks while watching "The Mentalist." Viewers have been begging Patrick to say something to Teresa and on the season finale it is the last time he can actually discuss his feelings in person before she moves to Washington.

Then there was the kiss that absolutely could have sealed Patrick’s fate. Last week Agent Lisbon seemed to have a real romantic moment on screen with Agent Pike. The two characters locked lips and viewers worried her mind was made up even if she didn't reveal her answer. As romance goes, the kiss usually is a tell all in a relationship.

On the season finale episode called “Blue Bird” a new lead in a cold case requires Lisbon to delay her plans to leave for Washington. This amazing break gives Jane time to finally come to terms with his feelings for her and decide on a course of action to talk with her. Well, if two other agents had not tagged along it would have been a whole lot easier as Patrick can’t seem to find a minute alone with Teresa. It might take until the end of the show to hear Patrick Jane talk, but fans don’t mind waiting as long as he is honest about his true feelings for her.

The Mentalist” airs on Sunday night at 10 p.m. ET.

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