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‘The Mentalist season finale: Agent Lisbon loves who? Agent Pike or Patrick Jane

Simon Baker plays the lead character on The Mentalist
Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

The fans of “The Mentalist” finally get to find out the relationship between Patrick Jane and Agent Teresa Lisbon. As fans know there has always been a working relationship with Patrick Jane, but Agent Lisbon has found more with Agent Pike who started pursuing Lisbon at the FBI office. For the past four or five weeks fans have wondered if Patrick Jane will ever open up about his feelings. According to TV Guide on Friday the two characters are going to final have a conversation and Agent Lisbon will need to choose who she is going to live with.

Fans saw last week that Agent Pike proposed to Teresa right after she agreed to move to Washington. Looking to live and work together in the same city, Pike even lined up a job for his possible wife-to-be. While the man might be in heaven, it appears that Patrick Jane is in turmoil. Unable to share his feelings, he has one last chance to get out how he feels before Agent Lisbon leaves for good.

It is odd to see that Patrick can solve case after case but still finds it tough to open up about this feelings. Long after the saga with Red John is over, the key player in solving crimes is still lost in the past and it almost might make him lose his best friend. Looking towards the future, he is required to let go the pain and suffering his family endured to make his life the best.

“The Mentalist” was renewed for another season and fans couldn't be happier. According to Christian Today on Sunday, the renewed interest in the show has fans excited that the possible romance could be part of the future. The decision of who Agent Teresa Lisbon picks will be seen on the season finale as the show was filmed before the renewal was decided. Viewers are crossing their fingers it is Patrick Jane!

“The Mentalist” season finale airs Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

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