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'The Mentalist' rumors: Lisbon to gain a new boyfriend

The Mentalist rumors: Lisbon gets a new boyfriend
The Mentalist rumors: Lisbon gets a new boyfriend
CBS Television Online Press Kit

In some new "The Mentalist" rumors, it sounds like Teresa Lisbon will get a new boyfriend later in this season. With the Red John mystery over with, the show is working on finding its feet and one of the new ideas, according to TV Line on Jan. 22, is to give Lisbon a new romantic relationship.

The news is that Pedro Pascal, who has appeared on shows such as "Graceland" and "Red Widow" and will soon appear on the extremely popular HBO series "Game of Throne" as Oberyn Martell, will join "The Mentalist" as FBI Special Agent Marcus Pike.

The role will be considered a recurring role and the character itself was described as charming, blue-collar and a man with great integrity. According to reports, the FBI will enlist Lisbon and Patrick Jane to help them track down some art thieves. While working together, Pike and Lisbon will develop a relationship.

Pascal joins the cast of "The Mentalist" starting with Episode 16 and has signed on for at least five episodes.

"The Mentalist" jumped ahead two years after Patrick Jane killed Red John and the ratings have been down since the big change.

"The Mentalist" returns for the second half of the sixth season on March 9 with episode 13. That means that Pascal will first appear on the show in April.

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