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‘The Mentalist’ renewed? CBS offers Patrick Jane and his FBI pals a season 7

Simon Baker will return to "The Mentalist" in season seven
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

The fans of “The Mentalist” are screaming for joy at the decision CBS made on Saturday for the fate of the show. The show was one of the few that weren’t immediately renewed by the network and had the fans concerned, but in the end there was a decision to bring Patrick Jane and Agent Teresa Lisbon back for another season. According to TVLine on Saturday, the popular show was renewed for a seventh season and will be back in the fall.

The decision was one of several crime shows that will return to the fall. With fans excited about the news of the renewal, there was a collective gasp of breath as everyone has been holding their breath on the show. When the cast moved from the CBI setting to the FBI setting, many wondered if the show would survive. In fact, it has done more than just made the mark as fans have loved the story lines even more as it flourishes in a new location with new crimes.

The much debated show had fans talking about what might happen if the series ended on CBS. With people suggesting it could be placed on another network, it seemed that “The Mentalist” was without a home for a short time. Hearing that the show will be renewed has to make everyone happy and even Agent Lisbon has to be ready for more crime fighting episodes.

So how many episodes will “The Mentalist” show for season seven? So far no word on what CBS has ordered from the show and TV Wise reports it could be weeks before the number of episodes are decided upon, but there is no doubt the writers are getting ready with new stories and new adventures for Patrick Jane and his FBI buddies to solve.

“The Mentalist” airs Sunday night on CBS.

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