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'The Mentalist’ leaving CBS? Show considers options if CBS does not renew

Simon Baker is the lead character on The Mentalist
Photo by Brendon Thorne

The fans of “The Mentalist” are a loyal bunch of viewers. They love Patrick Jane and his crime solving techniques, even if that means Red John is a thing of the past. Most fans are concerned about the future of the show as CBS hasn't officially renewed the program and now there is talk that the series might be moved if a renewal isn't offered. According to Latin Post on Friday, the two main characters are still working together and solving crimes for the FBI.

The series definitely had fans wondering if Patrick Jane and Agent Lisbon would ever get together, but so far with only two episodes left in the season, viewers still don’t know. Which is why the report from Deadline confirming the show would look for a new network if not renewed had people very excited.

The switch from the CBI to the FBI was a tough jump for the cast to make in the story. Looking to find a believable story and keep offering strong episodes, it was done with compassion and finesse. Now that Patrick Jane has found his home at the FBI, it would be a great place for the story to continue and another season full of crime.

So who might pick up a CBS show that didn't make the renewal cut? TNT or USA Network would be perfect homes for the show. Offering up decent prime time slots and already familiar to viewers, it would be a simple click on the remote. And will fans move with the show if asked? Absolutely! In fact, it might give people a reason to really commit to the program and offer up support as everyone knows to make a jump from network to network means a big obligation.

Before any decisions are made, “The Mentalist” will offer up a couple more episodes on CBS. Finishing up the story before the summer break, the characters are looking to solve a few more crimes and give fans a reason to tune in.

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