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The mental state of our society

The psychology of our society is something that we must take much more serious, not to sweep the conversation under the rug as we have done crime after crime and incidences after incidences. Look around our world, our society, and community at large and how so often and frequently, we hear countless stories of evil taking place right under our noises. In less than five to ten years, we have now had the same types of crimes taking place. Fort Hood, a military base, an environment one would think should and would be safe, has now become highlighted by heinous crimes and murders by our own service men. The issue of post-traumatic Stress whether an individual has been physically in war or not does exist. Throughout all our lives, we all do have times and instances where flashbacks of traumatizing experiences effecting our psychosis but with soldiers, these instances are more prevalent , for some it being an everyday relived experience.
There is so much we can do for victims and individuals suffering from the disorder, the first thing is to continue the conversation and not making it a taboo one anymore. Men must come forward and admit to the illness at hand and open up, being not afraid of being ridiculed or looked at as being weak mentally, in that there is a negative stigma associated with being helped psychologically. What happens in society is that people become afraid to have labels associated with them or deemed the crazy or mentally ill individual in the room for seeking help. What is ever so interesting is that the individual’s seeking help may just be healthier now psychologically, than the individuals doing the looking down upon, in that they may be suffering from same form of psychological alignment but is afraid to come forward and seek the proper help. Life is funny especially, when we find out that people, who ridicule people, may just need the same help the individual they are ridiculing is seeking. We are all in this as a society and the stigmas must go in order for a healing psychological wave of change to take place.

Mental illness is serious
Mental illness
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