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The Memory Problem, Is It Alzheimer's Or Age? Can I Beat It?

This is a baby dog. It is a bit like charades if you can not remember what things are called.
Tresa Heath

I am not an authority of any kind, nor am I a doctor or scientist. I am however almost 50 years old and I am beating my memory loss. It occurred to me that my recent success against my memory loss as small as it has been could be useful and encouraging to others. I may not be a scientist but I don't think you have to be to do a study on yourself.
I have been experiencing terrifying memory loss, to the point of not knowing the names off familiar household items. I would ask for a spoon buy saying something like could you hand me the thing that you put food on and then put in your mouth? Not the one that leaks but the one that will hold water. I had lost significant chunks of time and could not remember conversations or appointments.
My mood darkened and I could find no joy in conversation. I slowly lost interest in all of my favorite activities and spent more and more time at home. If not for my Blessing straight from God Grandson, I probably would have shut myself off completely. I knew that he needed me so I kept a small vestige of hope and humanity so to speak for him. And in a way he has been my salvation I believe that God used him to save me, to put me on the right track so to speak.
You see I taught my Grandson at a very early age to play video games and how to work a computer. We have played video games together since before he could talk. He however was ten and wanted to play games that I had no interest in so I had even stopped playing video games. His father, my son had bought a game for him that I had played the year he was born. I had loved that game but it required a crazy amount of memory and total devotion for sometimes months. I had played the early version back in the day and this new one was even more fun. I picked it up and started playing and had to buy one for myself. Now I have to state that I believe that video games in general are bad for memory because you sit too much while playing. Now with that having been said I was very sedentary while playing but it was a good time for it because I had some injuries that needed to heal. The thing I first noticed was that I was actually able to remember the necessary details of the game. But more importantly I noticed I was remembering what a spoon is called. I was a little disappointed because the information that I was learning was useless and could not be applied anywhere else.
I decided to get more exercise so I bought a basket ball game for my bedroom. All it is really good for is getting my heart rate up because you just stand there and throw the ball and it comes back to you. However I think that is enough to get the blood flowing to the brain. I then decided if I could learn the video game I could learn other things so I went back to college. I remembered nothing so I had to start with developmental classes and I can only take one at a time but it is a start. I started with math and have since heard that it was a wise choice because math is supposed to be one of the better subjects for memory. I have decided to learn how to speak Portuguese because I have a sweet new daughter-in-law from Brazil. She speaks perfectly good English but as a favor to me she is teaching me Portuguese, very slowly I might add.
Overall I would say that I have improved 75 percent. To me that is outstanding for a year of work, and play. My life is so much better but I am not stopping there I feel that the progress could be short lived if not maintained. I have a long term goal of graduating with just an associates degree with my grandson who is only eleven years old now. I hope I can beat my expectations but at one class at a time it may actually be a little ambitious because I have to face the real possibility that I could fail a class or two. I think what I want to say is that it does not matter, I am not in it as much for the education as for the memory improvement. I hope people can benefit from my experience. I used to write for several websites but got to the point I could no longer string words together. I looked back and it has been four years since I have written for this website but here I am. Yes I have forgotten a lot of my punctuation and I may not have the quality that I once did but I was able to write an article in less than an hour so I am happy. Hopefully this will get better as well, but even if it does not I will continue to write about my progress and hopefully give others hope.

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