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The Memory Book

While walking beside me
While walking beside me
A life well lead

It is frequently a challenge to find a gift or to attempt a conversation with our patient , partner or family member when their disease process, either in part or whole is dementia. However, this is a thought, put together a memory book. Caregiver’s can do this with help from our person or a family member can to this even when at a distance. If the opportunity is present for our person to help we should utilize this as a part of the journey. If we are a caregiver at a distance this is an excellent opportunity to help and feel that we have contributed. Using pictures, dried flowers, fabric from a special dress or shirt, a program from an event treasured by our family member all of these will bring back good times and happy memories.

Make this in copied form, one item per page and should an item become past the time of remembering, take that page out and supplement it with another. Using copies of items will allow for use of items which the family treasure without need to worry if something should happen to them. Use this for a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift; this gift can be used many times over for a visit which has deeper meaning and recalls of happier times.