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The Melting Pot's star-crossed lovers


The Melting PotThe Melting Pot, located on Second Avenue in downtown Nashville, is quite the romantic establishment. Their fondue menu is popular with couples and perfect for a Valentine's dinner. The fact that it's haunted by two tragic lovers only adds to its ambiance.

Legend has it that two young Melting Pot employees fell in love, only to discover that their parents didn't approve of the relationship. Despite being forbidden to see each other again, the couple continued to meet secretly, only to be caught by a parent. The young woman was ordered by her parents to quit her job, so she tearfully ran to her young man, and the two lovers hatched a desperate plan. They met at the Melting Pot and slipped away to the basement where they committed suicide, determined to be together in death as they couldn't be in life. It's said their bodies were found together, with their hands touching.

Employees say the ghosts don't appear to intentionally frighten anyone, but they are occasionally encountered in the basement. At times one of them will be seen nervously peeking around boxes as if afraid of being caught, while the young lady is often seen in tears, and they'll sometimes turn lights on and off.

One patron believes she encountered the young woman in the bathroom. Her tale has the ghost entering the stall next to her and then running water. None of this could be explained since the patron was the only person in the restroom at the time.

If a romantic dinner is in your future, make a reservation at the Melting Pot, a delightful place and home of two star-crossed lovers.


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