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The Media, The Robertson Family and God

The family united in Christ
The family united in Christ

What an amazing week it has been watching God's people stand up and acknowledge they are without the fear of what the world will say. We watched the series unfold this week as A&E threw the Robertson family under the bus for their own agenda. The amazing part of everything that is transpired is the fact that the Robertson family has decided to stand their ground for what they believe instilling the faith of their family house over the media.

Phil Robertson is a wonderful example of a godly man that has placed God at the head of his family over the money. We've seen this family stand united in the name of God, not willing to give into the strong-arm of the media. For so long we have seen Christians stepping back, keeping quiet and not willing to share what they believe.

Nothing that Phil Robertson said was a judgment to anyone, all he was stating was what his family believes according to the God they worship, what he stated is directly from the Bible and at the same time he said it was our job to love everyone.

This week we saw the question was this a set up for the family since a representative from A&E was sitting in that room at the time of the interview. If A&E truly believed what Phil Robertson was saying was wrong they had that opportunity to speak up during the interview, however the A&E representative maintained their silence. So why is it that they're so offended that Phil would share what he truly believes in his heart to be true? So why is it they feel the need to cause such an uproar over one man's viewpoint of life. Is it not our right to speak freely, whether it's religious freedom, political freedom or any other type of freedom, we have been given that right to speak according to what we know to be truth.

As a Christian we do need to love everyone, God says to love your neighbor as yourself, that does not mean that you follow whatever seems to be the norm in society especially if it goes against what the word of God says. Now before you get in an uproar, if you don't believe the Bible to be truth then you will be argumentative about this topic. If you have chosen to twist the Bible around to fit your lifestyle, then you will be argumentative about this topic. God did not give us the Bible to make us feel warm and fuzzy, justify lifestyles or behaviors or use it to judge other people. God gave us the Bible, his word breathed in to life to help us live a godly lifestyle, to basically give us an instruction manual on how to live life. He did not mean it to be twisted around to fit whatever is going on in your life and make you feel good, but don't get me wrong God's promises in the Bible are meant to make you feel good.

What we have seen coming out of this dispute or disagreement with A&E is more Christians willing to stand up and say I am a believer and Phil is a wonderful example of standing on what you believe. It is not our place to judge anyone in the world that is God's role. However, it is our role to share the truth in love and compassion.

The problem lately in society is we've seen so much desensitization by the media, compromising with the word of God says to feel better about themselves or to justify what they may be doing. We are to time in our lives where it is crucial as Christians to stand up for what we believe in, to live our lives as much as possible according to the Bible and to be willing to share our faith with others.

What we've seen throughout this journey that Phil Robertson and his family are going through is some amazing support from other believers, sponsors of the show in and even some of those that may not have faith in Christ. So my challenge to you during this holiday season is to take to heart what's happened and understand that there was no judgment given. What we saw was a man sharing what he truly believes with all his heart to be truth. We saw a godly man share the word of God without any hesitation and without any fear.

We all need to stand for what we believe, with no fear and being ready to have an answer for why we believe what we do. I'm writing this article to support the Robertson family and honoring the fact that they are willing to stand for their faith, speak the truth and not allow the media or money sway them into anything less than what they believe is true.

Our family and our house here stand in the same truth, we believe the word of God to be the truth given by God. We believe that God is alive, that he loves us unconditionally, that we celebrate this Christmas season because he sent his son to us during this time for our salvation. This writer also believes that Christ will return and remove his church from this place taking them into eternity. This writer also believes that we all have a right to speak or share what we believe, bottom line don't ask someone their truth if you don't want to hear it. And I would have to say Phil Robertson would respond the same way, don't ask him about his truth if you don't want to hear it.

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