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The media's IRS cover-up

One of the aggravating things about the Obama administration's cover-up of the IRS scandal is the DC media's willingness to act as Obama apologists. Tuesday night on Special Report, people could see the media's willingness on full display. Here's one of the key exchanges:

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: This requires an extremely improbable degree of coincidence. Six computers, hers goes down, nobody can locate it, there's no reporting of it -- all of us know from our own experience that e-mails never die. All of a sudden these have died. Precisely, you say there were tons of emails that were released. Yes, but these are the ones precisely that would connect the IRS with other agencies.
JUAN WILLIAMS: You don't know that.
KRAUTHAMMER: No, but that's how they were tagged.
WILLIAMS: Oh, Charles.
KRAUTHAMMER: These were the ones that they were looking for, the ones that went outside the IRS and that's exactly what they're looking for. You talk about the IRS in a bone-headed way, sort of not getting right the investigation of whether --

The odds of that many hard drives crashing virtually simultaneously is slim. What makes the Democrats' rationalization not credible is that the hard drives that crashed virtually simultaneously were the hard drives of the 7 people the House committees were investigating.

The odds of that happening are about as high as getting hit by lightning while holding 2 winning lottery tickets. Considering the fact that this administration is getting famous for not telling the truth, there's ample reason not to trust Commissioner Koskinen's smug explanations or Juan Williams' intellectually feeble defense of the administration.

Here's the key exchange of the panel:

WILLIAMS: The I.G. has said, yes, it was politically motivated but no outside influence and no evidence of corruption.
BAIER: And when the national archivist said any agency is required to notify us when they realize they have a problem, when they realize they've lost e-mails and against the federal record --
WILLIAMS: That's not what we're here talking about. We're talking about if the IRS is being used to punish political enemies.
GEORGE WILL: There would have been no evidence of Richard Nixon's involvement in obstruction of justice if his tapes had suffered the same fate that Lois Lerner's hard drive has suffered.

The key thing that Juan Williams keeps forgetting to add into this discussion is a one syllable word. Though that word is short, it's a potential game-changer. That word is yet. It's accurate to say that the committees haven't found evidence of someone inside the White House being in contact with Lois Lerner. That isn't the same as saying Lois Lerner wasn't in contact with someone inside the White House.

As Mr. Will said, if the famous Nixon tapes had been destroyed, Congress couldn't have proven Nixon's involvement in covering up the break in of the Democratic National Committee's headquarters in the Watergate Hotel.

As usual, Charles Krauthammer finishes the argument with flair:

KRAUTHAMMER: Look, the fact that they targeted the tea party is evidence, irrefutable evidence, they were going after certain political groups, all of the same ideology, and you're telling me it was a coincidence. Rubbish.

It's one thing to believe that a hard drive crashed. It's another to believe that 7 hard drives crashed simultaneously. It's nearly impossible to believe that the hard drives that crashed weren't backed up, which is required by law. It's utterly impossible to believe that the 7 hard drives that crashed belonged to the people being investigated.

Finally, it's beyond absurdity to think that the hard drives that crashed weren't backed up on a nightly basis. That's a leap of faith of Biblical proportions.

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