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The media of food as art

Photo by Marianna DeBolt

Food is the center of our celebrations. We have birthday cakes, tiered wedding cakes, Valentine chocolates, Thanksgiving turkeys, Easter ham and Christmas cookies. All taste and look good while carefully prepared by the chef of your families. Artists take these delicious treats a step forward with using food as a medium for their museum quality masterpieces! Art is everywhere and can be made of anything.

Although you may think food art is contemporary, it dates back to China during the Tang Dynasty. During the Renaissance, the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo painted surrealistic mosaic portraits of food.

In present days, several artists have made their fame by creating with butter, chocolate, bacon and other edibles. A similar artist to Arcimboldo is Jason Mecier. Mecier used the actual food to create his food portraits. Imagine your portrait made of cookies, cereal, candy and potato chips. Sounds yummy!

Jim Victor sculpts with softer substances like butter, cheese and chocolate while Prudence Emma Staite made chocolate creations and European landmarks of pizza dough. Check out the chocolate delights of Staite and what inspired her at

Another tasty masterpiece is made of biscuits (cookies in the USA) by photographer and sculptor Song Ding. Besides film and photography, he designs buildings of biscuits. On the strange side, artist Dieter Rich experiments with food as they decay and paints with chocolate and other liquid forms of food.

The Food Network channel is known for their showcase of talented chefs and artists creations that not only look good but are served in some of the best restaurants in the world. Popular challenge shows are Halloween Wars, The Cupcake challenge, and Sugar challenges. Artists create their themed art in the various edible media. Check out for other artistic edibles.

Carl Warner's foodscapes may remind one of Green Giant commercials or the Willie Wonka's factory. He has mountains of French bread, trees of broccoli, and onion balloons among other foods.

Art is everywhere! Think of these artists and search for others while you find art in your swirled cream on your next latte, placement of sushi ingredients that create a variety if textures, the multicolored mixed cocktail, painted frosted holiday cookies and as you bite that chocolate bunny's head off.

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