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The media instigated the riots in Ferguson

The media instigated the riots in Ferguson. With the election of President Obama in 2008, racial strife and global inequities were going to vanish. Those of us with an ounce of logic knew the world’s problems weren’t going away but optimistically thought Obama might bring racial harmony to the country. Both wishes didn’t come to pass. The world is now more perilous. The unrest in Ferguson, Missouri was not supposed to happen because of Obama.

The media portrayed Obama as the mighty healer. That portrayal fell dramatically short. However, the media along the race hustlers, Al Sharpton and the usual rent-a-mobs swarmed into Ferguson, causing insurrection. The rioting was the result of white police officer shooting and killing a black suspect. The truth hasn’t been revealed. The press doesn’t care. They have a story to tell and sell.

The press was incensed at the Ferguson Police wearing helmets and protective body armor. Why shouldn’t they? Rioters were shooting at police. They were also launching firebombs at them, in addition to the destruction and looting. The media, in classic hypocritical form, didn’t give a wit when over 200 Bureau of Land Management agents dressed in full body gear and armed with assault rifles swooped into Bunkerville, Nevada intending to harass a senior citizen named Cliven Bundy.

The media isn’t interested in reporting the truth and has a pattern of behavior of distorting the truth for sensationalism. The Ferguson incident is their continuing chapter of falsely reporting racial inequality. The Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida and the Duke Lacrosse case were glaring examples of the media slandering innocent people and neglecting the truth. In the Trayvon Martin case, the media reported a white man, George Zimmerman, shot an innocent black teenager, Martin. The facts were Zimmerman was Hispanic. A fight ensued between Martin and Zimmerman. Zimmerman shot Martin in self-defense and was acquitted.

The Duke Lacrosse case was another instance of reckless journalism. This Duke Lacrosse team was throwing a party and three athletes on the team were accused of raping a black woman. The media had the accused athletes indicted, convicted and sentenced before the truth was remotely revealed.

There was no rape. The District Attorney knew that but withheld the evidence. Faculty members at Duke University took a full-page ad in a local Durham, North Carolina newspaper excoriating the lacrosse athletes.

The athletes were only guilty of boorish, rude behavior. But they were on private property. So they broke no law. In the end, the district attorney was disbarred for his abuse. He later filed for bankruptcy for financial protection. Duke reached a settlement for millions with the accused athletes because of the improvident arrogance of the faculty.

All anyone had to do in each instance was wait and learn the facts. That’s boring but it’s the truth.

Final Thought: If ISIS is a JV team as Obama calls them. Then he’s a little leaguer.

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