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The media consigns Ted Cruz to the ash heap of history

Senator Ted Cruz
Senator Ted Cruz
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

A conservative politician knows when he or she has arrived when someone in the mainstream media has consigned him or her prematurely to the dustbin of history. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has joined those dubious ranks, thanks to some media reports, including a January 17, 2014 article in Salon.

Ronald Reagan was thought to have had his last hurrah in 1976 when he failed to take away the Republican nomination from then President Gerald Ford. His administration was considered a failure by many in the media in the wake of the Iran-Contra scandal. Of course Reagan was elected twice to the presidency and, thanks to the Cold War victory he engineered, has since become a world historic figure, on par with Lincoln or Washington.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has been written off by the mainstream media so many times, only to persist in confounding her enemies, that she seems like one of those immortals in the movie and TV series “Highlander,” to be cut down, only to rise again innumerable times.

Salon’s thesis that Cruz is over is divided into two parts. He has not succeeded (yet) in repealing Obamacare. He has experienced a dip in the polls of Republican candidates for the 2016 nomination battle.

Of course one could caution that considering how much of a disaster Obamacare is and how unpopular it has become, Cruz would seem to be on the right side of history concerning the health care reform law. His fight to defund Obamacare during the autumn of 2013, seen then as quixotic and reckless, can now be seen as a heroic attempt to stave off the disaster that has now befallen the American health care system and millions of Americans who have lost their own insurance policies.

Salon itself admits that noting poll positions in a presidential contest two years before it begins in earnest is silly at best. But that did not stop the author of the article from using Cruz’s dip in one poll to buttress his thesis that the junior senator from Texas is so over, yesterday’s news, a has been just a year into his first term as a senator.

Meanwhile Reason notes a Brookings Institute study that suggests that Cruz is the most effective member of Congress, measured by how many pieces of legislation he managed to get out of committee, quite a feat for a one year senator from the minority party who has been pilloried as a “wacko bird” by one of his fellow senators. One suspects that whatever the shape of Cruz’s future political career, he will be shaking the Earth for quite some time to come.

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