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The Meaning of Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is around the corner and Hallmark is most likely increasing in sales. With so many people rushing to buy their love ones cards and gifts.

Valentine's Day has turned into a money making holiday. If you are single it could be one of the worst days for you. You go on Facebook and hear all girls bragging in their statuses about what their boyfriends are getting them. You feel that you are missing out and most of all, you may just want that special someone.

If you are in a relationship it is easy to get caught in the hype. Just because you are someone's girlfriend you expect to be spent a lot of money on. That can easily ruin the relationship. You compare what your boyfriend got you to what your best friend's boyfriend got her.

The real meaning of Valentine's Day is spending it with the one you love. Yes it is nice for someone to spend money on you but if they don't that does not mean that they do not care about you. If you have someone who is by your side through good and bad times then you could consider yourself lucky.

You shouldn't wait til Valentine's Day to tell or show someone you love them. It is just one day. You should show the person you are with how much you appreciate them every day of the year. Look at them and be thankful that they are a part of your life.

Don't buy into the hype of Valentine's Day. It could end up ruining your relationship. Love is hard to find these days and real love does not have a price tag. So on Valentine's Day as long as you are with your sweetie you could consider yourself rich.

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