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The McCarthy Cousins

Jenny McCarthy: Medical Expert
Jenny McCarthy: Medical Expert
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This column likes one of the women. Hint, the talented one. Really, you can’t guess?

Okay the successful star. The A-lister. The beautiful one. The woman who does not play a doctor on Twitter.

Melissa McCarthy may not always pick the best vehicles but she is wonderful in any film or television show.

There is a rumor going around inre Jenny saying something to Melissa about her weight. Who cares? And what does it matter.

Not only has the latter risen to the top in a very competitive industry but has done so on her own terms. (Note to Melissa. Please actually read a script before agreeing to star in a movie. Even if you co-wrote it. Just saying.)

What went on between this two is none of my business.

But the fact that today, in 2014 Jenny McCarthy made a lesbian joke about Hillary Clinton matters. Really Jenny? No new vaccines on the market you can protest? At a loss for something stupid to add to the conversation?

This column’s sainted mother used to say that you can never really know anyone else’s marriage. In fact, it is often times a mystery to the couple. A lot of Bill’s ugly behavior concerns only his wife and daughter. Repealing Glass-Steagall hurt us all. But we digress.

The problem with our complicated political landscape is that a person or a situation cannot be summed up in a tweet or a pathetic comment by a D-list celebrity. (Sorry Kathy Griffin. Hope that isn’t trademarked.)

There are many issues involved with a Clinton run for President. Her whispered about sexual orientation is irrelevant. And cruel. And stupid.

Even Jenny McCarthy recognizes that now and has a whinging excuse: The View pushed her out of her comfort zone. She would never disparage her woman/sisters.

Unless they want to protect their children.

So Jenny, as long as you are in contrition mode, honestly retract your statements about vaccinations.

It is time for doctors and health professionals to discuss this vital health matter. Not a former Playboy centerfold.

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