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The Mazda5 is goners for 2015

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Japanese automaker Mazda is reportedly drop-kicking it's Lilliputian minivan, the Mazda5. Perhaps the fuel-sipping, convenient, super-space-saving vehicle that scoots about town, so easy to maneuver, park, able to fit in tight city places where the bigger boyz simply cannot has sadly, outlived its usefulness. Reportedly, consumers still prefer the larger crossover-type rides and the petite people mover just somehow got lost in the shuffle according to Automotive News.

The Mazda5 was launched in 2006 and ran its course four years later. The second generation Mazda5 came on the scene in 2012 with more oomph performance-wise, improved seating and styling that caught the eye. Now in its third generation, the six-seater compact is unfortunately, part of a shrinking segment of minivans and its manufacturer has seemingly, not been able to reinvigorate it enough to bring sales up.

Even though the Mazda5 reportedly has a loyal cult following, sales have been rather sluggish for the past few years. Less than a mere 14,000 units of the Mazda5 were sold last year and its banner year best which was in 2008, only moved 22,021 units. The other Mazda offerings have for the most part, received boosts in performance via their Skyactiv engines and have been chiseled design-wise in an effort to appeal to buyers.

According to Automotive News, Mazda will reportedly give its full-attention to its crossover segment of vehicles that includes a new CX-3 subcompact CUV with a launch date of June 2016. Mazda's midsize crossover, the CX-9 is also expected to get an overhaul for the 2017 model year. The CX-5 will receive a few tweaks here and there for the 2016 model year but a year later, the vehicle will also bust out big with an updated look.

--Car ChickĀ®