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The Mayweather vs Maidana glove controversy

The controversial blue gloves from Everlast have become famous for the wrong reason.
Art Garcia

Once again there's a wild and wooly controversy involving the Robert Garcia camp as they maneuvered to have these 8 ounce Blue MX Everlast gloves used in Saturday’s Championship fight. The gloves, according to the Floyd Mayweather Jr. camp, have far less padding, used horse hair instead of foam and have noticeably less protection around the knuckles. One pair of gloves was already opened and the other was still in the plastic wrap when Floyd Mayweather Jr. got to slide his hand inside one of the gloves.

The glove size of 8 ounces had already been agreed upon, long before any weigh-ins. Now at the last minute we see the Floyd Mayweather camp all hot and bothered about the glove size and wanting Maidana to now wear heavier Grant gloves. His critics are saying Mayweather must be getting nervous and feels the 8 ounce MX Everlast gloves are far too risky.

Custom made Blue gloves made by the Garcia Camp? Thin padding in the wrong place? Above 147 pounds you’re supposed to use 10 oz. gloves. Under 147 pounds, it’s the 8 ounce gloves. The difference between the foam and horse hair gloves is always going to be noticeable. The problem was in regard to the variation in the padding in these gloves which were ordered by the Garcia/Maidana group.

As a rule, Manny Pacquiao fights with 8 ounce Reyes gloves, just as Sugar Ray Leonard and Tommy “The Hitman” Hearns did. Perhaps all that talk about Floyd Mayweather never taking a fight unless he has the upper hand is true. The bigger 10 ounce gloves are usually relegated to females and newcomers while practicing in the gym.

Maidana might not be as seasoned a fighter, as technically sound, but he definitely has a puncher's chance when he wings those big overhand rights and then goes ape-sh## on your head. As boxing pundits have said, if Maidana touches Mayweather, he's human and he’s going down. Maidana has one punch KO power. Mayweather only takes fights if he knows he can win, so perhaps he's gonna require that Maidana use a pair of pillows by Everlast.

Not to sound one-sided but isn’t it funny how not one person even considered, out of respect for the Garcia Camp, that these gloves may have been produced out of spec. Right away everyone believed the Garcia/Maidana Camp were trying to pull a fast one. Altering the gloves is cheating and having the gloves altered by the manufacturer is one in the same. The lack of padding must have been noticed by the Garcia camp.

Someone mentioned that Maidana has this habit of doing what Mike Tyson used to do to his gloves. He would dig in his knuckles, deep into the fabric. So now we have to wait and see which of the glove manufacturers comes out of this controversy as the most acceptable in it's weight, amount and type of padding, plus color.

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