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The maternity wardrobe on 'Scandal' needs a serious reboot after season 3

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I am a fan of the ABC primetime hit, "Scandal". Aside from the scandals, characters, and of course it's creator Shonda Rhimes, the show is also known for its fashion. Countless articles and blog posts have been devoted to the clothing worn by Olivia Pope, Abby Whelan, Quinn Perkins, and First Lady Mellie Grant.

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When Mellie's character was pregnant on the show, her wardrobe was still on par with her pre- and post-maternity style. Therefore, when Kerry Washington became pregnant, I had no doubt that Olivia Pope's sense of style would still be maintained, even though Washington's pregnancy is not part of the script. Oh boy have I been disappointed.

I am not alone. I have heard and read others gripe about the clothing choices made for Olivia while Kerry's pregnancy is being hidden. Even though season three has come to an end, and by time season 4 begins taping Washington will most likely be back to her regular dress size, who is to say another cast member won't become pregnant? Will the same bad wardrobe choices be made as another pregnancy is being hidden? To help the wardrobe department out, here are a few ideas to keep the female characters of "Scandal" stylish, while pregnant.