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the 2014 Massachusetts Independent Film Festival is almost here

Okay, it’s a hackneyed phrase due to overuse. Still, after 400 years, it is serviceable when accurate. In the case of the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival, the Boston Film Industry Examiner is happy to go out on a limb. We declare “What’s past is prologue” and MassIFF should be the same standout film festival as last year. Heck, we’ll go further out on the limb and predict it might be better.

Massachusetts Independent Film Festival
Massachusetts Independent Film Festival

Just this week, the lineup has been announced. Over four days there are more than 40 films on offer. They are listed at the website with a short description of each one. All look enticing and as it was last year, difficult choices have to be made.

The tickets are on sale and can be ordered at eventbrite.

The team behind MassIFF, Nolan Yee, Jason Miller and Chris DiNunzio is notable for their love of film. They run an honest festival, and don’t show their own work. It’s a welcoming event, as Chris put it, “You can come in and interact with filmmakers, you can talk with a lot of other moviegoers, or you can come in and just watch some films and leave and just see some great films that you either are never going to see or you’re going to see three or four months from now when they are out on DVD…..Whether you’re a filmmaker there’s a place for you here, whether you’re just a movie buff there’s a place for you here and you can really come in and make the experience you want.”

I can attest to Chis’ sentiments. The films were all worth seeing and Q and As afterword were a pleasure. The afterparty was also more than fun.

This year will see MassIFF held at the same venues. On August 6 and 7 it will be at the Somerville Theatre and on the eighth and ninth at the Brattle off of Harvard Square. This year, the after party will be held at Tasty Burger down on JFK Street.

You can keep up with developments at the facebook page.

And, you can do worse than hang out with Murray the Bunny. Watch the video.

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