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The Martial Arts Kid to raise awareness on bullying

Scheduled for release in 2015, The Martial Arts Kid is a film intended to bring further national attention to the serious issue of bullying within our society. Directed By Michael Baumgarten and starring martial art legends, Don Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock and Bill Wallace, the movie began much of its filming in Cocoa Beach, Florida this past June. Jansen Panettiere plays the title role.

Don Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock
The Martial Arts Kid Movie

Presented by Traditionz Movie 1, LLC, the filming project was successfully funded through KickStarter, raising $173,486 in just forty-five days with an initial goal of $150,000. What some may perceive as another "Karate Kid" movie, the film is meant to delve much further into the social issues of bullying and its effect on our nation's youth.

Beyond bullying, the film will share attention on such issues as true friendship, loyalty, the importance of family, class struggles and community issues. The producers of the film also joined forces with the powerful bullying charity campaign, "We're Kickin' It."

As statistics reveal that bullying largely takes place at school, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 1 in 3 U.S. students report that they have been bullied at school.

Within the three categories of bullying: school bullies, cyber bullying and workplace bullies, the effects of this aggressive behavior can reach beyond our youth, as many adults also become victims as well. Due to several high-profile cases, many states are implementing anti-bullying laws such as New Jersey, known for having the toughest laws against bullying in the country.

The upcoming film has gained much support from the martial arts community for its commitment in raising continual awareness on the bullying issue. Well-known martial art supply brands such as MACHO Martial Arts Supplies, AMXMA Martial Art Gear and The Martial Arts Store are just a few.

Fans can stay up-to-date on the progress of the film by visiting the The Martial Arts Kid Facebook page.

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