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The Martial Arts Kid kicks its way into SDCC with a new teaser trailer

One of the most highly anticipated martial arts film projects The Martial Arts Kid has been making all sorts of headlines from day one. The film not only features two of the most iconic martial arts champions in the industry in 11 time World Kickboxing Champion Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson and the “Queen of Martial Arts Film” Cynthia Rothrock but a who’s who of martial artists making appearances in the film. The announcement of these two icons teaming up was enough of a draw, but was further cemented in history with their record Kickstarter campaign that went above and beyond their goal. This was a different kind of film for the stars heading in a more family friendly direction and teaming with the anti-bullying organization “We’re Kickin’ It” to help raise more awareness against bullying.

Official Poster

The film follows troubled teen Robbie who moves to Cocoa Beach, Florida from Cleveland after his grandmother has had enough of his antics and he soon realizes that everywhere he goes there is somebody who doesn’t want him to be happy… and in Cocoa Beach, that somebody is Bo Whitlaw, the toughest and most popular guy at the high school. From the moment Bo gives Robbie a beat-down in front of Rina, we know Robbie’s chances of living in a happy neighborhood are just not realistic. To help Robbie stand a chance of survival in a dangerous teen world, his estranged Aunt Cindy and Uncle Glen are there to coach and train him. Along the way, Robbie learns defensive skills that will give him a chance to defend himself, but will that be enough to protect himself from Bo in an all-out epic battle and ever become ‘the man’ in Rina’s eyes?

This is one of those movies that is more than just another action film, but instead a call to arms to martial artists to come together to embrace each other as well as we as a people to stand up against the epidemic of bullying and hate that had plagued this country for too long. Be one of those that stands up in your own way and help support this film when it is released so that more of its kind will follow close behind.

Throughout production they had been releasing numerous images through varying social media outlets letting the fans get in on the fun, but now that production has wrapped it is time to take it to the next level. Now the team has stepped into the ring that is San Diego Comic Con to debut the first teaser trailer of the film. While some were not at the convention to witness the debut and still have to wait until 2015 to check out the film, you can check out the teaser trailer for the film here now.

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