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The Mars Retrograde of 2014 Part III – Playing Hollywood Cardinal Grand Squares

The current Mars Retrograde may be quite the blessing when considering the Red Planet is a major planetary component behind the potentially explosive Cardinal Grand Cross happening this month.
The current Mars Retrograde may be quite the blessing when considering the Red Planet is a major planetary component behind the potentially explosive Cardinal Grand Cross happening this month.

The Mars Retrograde of 2014
Part III – Playing Hollywood Cardinal Grand Squares: I'll Take Mars Retrograde for the Block

By: Brad Kronen

When the 3rd week of April rolls around, do you get undeniably anxious for no concrete reason?

This societal phenomenon has become more and more pervasive as of late, but unfortunately for re-occurring reasons which have repeatedly been taking place during this particular time of year that are more concrete than solid steel, itself:

Oklahoma City Bombing, Siege of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, Columbine High School Shootings, Virginia Tech Shootings, BP Explosion and Oil Spill, and still quite fresh in many people’s minds, last year’s Boston Marathon Bombing

At this exact time in 2013 as I was writing my astrological observations regarding the Boston Marathon Bombing and its correlation with the explosive events which mark the 3rd week of April in my series “Unleashing More Than Just Showers: April and Its Events of Violence”, I was stunned to hear the news announce that a massive ammonium nitrate explosion had taken place at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas, outside of Waco.

With the exception of Boston’s tragedy, the aforementioned happenings that are associated with either the violence of fatal gunfire and/or the glaring flames caused by massive explosions, not only all occurred during the third week of April,

….each took place on one of two dates during that particular week in question – the 19th & 20th of April.

Despite the Boston Marathon Bombing occurring on April 15th, the manhunt for the culprits who caused the atrocity in Massachusetts’ capital, the Tsarnaev Brothers, reached its most violent crescendo when Tamerlan Tsarnaev was apprehended by Boston Police in a shoot-out of bullets during the early hours of April 19th, eventually succumbing to his wounds later that day.

So why have April’s showers consistently been comprised of bullets and detonated flames as of late, versus mere Spring time rainfall?

To sum things up from my series, “Unleashing More Than Just Showers” in quick astrological shorthand:

“Astrologically, the third week of April marks the final portion of the Zodiacal period of Aries, which ranges from March 20th – April 20th. Aries is the first of the Fire Signs and its planetary ruler is the heavenly body named after the Roman god of War and Violence, Mars.

By virtue of its association with a deity that oversaw the ways of War for an ancient culture which glorified blood and violence through such grizzly Roman events as The Colosseum and Gladiator fights, the sign of Aries deals with the following themes:

Military, War, Violence, Testosterone

And finally…..

“Each sign and planet is associated with particular metals, minerals and stones, and the metal assigned to Mars and its ruling sign of Aries is Iron. With that in mind, it should be of no surprise that the Martian/Arien tools of War which are so frequently popping up in the news these days, along with additionally being so fiercely debated over by the American government at present, are comprised mainly of iron – Guns.

Hence, if we were to formulaicly sum up the astrological influences predominantly associated with the Zodiacal sign which occurs during the 3rd week of April, it would look something like this:

3rd Week of April = Aries = Fire + Action + Violence + Guns”

Once again the third week of April is upon us, but with two significant exceptions:
Mars Retrograde & A Cardinal Grand Cross

For those who play far too many Mars related video games of violence or who are afflicted by the Mars influenced conditions of hyperactivity or ADD that are currently asking themselves the following:

What’s a Mars Retrograde again?

It’s highly recommended to peruse through Parts I and II of this particular series a few more times before the information is once again not retained by your short term memories battered by the Red Planet’s bombardment of busy-ness.

The Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014

To quote astrologer Ann Ranson from her informative book, “Discovering Wisdom”, the definition of the astrological configuration known as “The Grand Cross” in the Cardinal signs is as follows:

“A Grand Cross is formed when four planets are 90 degrees apart in the sky and is composed of two oppositions and four squares. This is a Cardinal Grand Cross because each of the four planets are in Cardinal signs which means they initiate action – so a very active configuration. We will be compelled to resolve four different areas of our lives: our self-identity (Aries), relationships (Libra), home life (Cancer) and work (Capricorn).”

The last installment of this series was given a game show reference of a subtitle due to the heavenly bodies associated with 2014’s Cardinal Grand Cross being such major planetary players. They are as follows:

The biggest space ball in all the Solar System which oversees the concepts of expansion and magnification, Jupiter, in the Cardinal Water sign of Cancer

opposed by

The furthest space ball in all the Solar System which oversees the concepts of Death, That which is beneath the surface or hidden, and Transformational change, Pluto, in the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn

with those two planetary power houses flanked in the most tense of astrological angles, the Square, by the following:

The space ball which oversees the societal concepts of Revolution, Rebellion, and Civil Unrest, but also influences the geographical energies of earthquakes, Uranus, in the Cardinal Fire sign of Aries

opposed by

Last and hopefully not remembered the least, our space ball of honor which this particular series has lavished with so much attention, the planet which oversees action, energy, and physical drive that happens to currently be in a Retrograde Cycle of motion, Mars, in the Cardinal Air sign of Libra

The dynamics created by a Grand Cross affects us both as individuals and as a collective whole. These powerful astrological configurations hold the potential to release large amounts of pent up energy when the planets involved come into exact alignment of each other.

From an individualized perspective, each of us must look to see where the Cardinal signs fall in one’s birth chart to analyze exactly which areas of our personal life will be most affected or influenced by this year’s Grand Cross.

From a societal perspective, 2014’s Cardinal Grand Cross hints of our world being shaken up by the release of energies that have been building up for some time within various aspects of humanity’s existence.

The dynamic of astrological energy will be progressively building up throughout the month of April, but the Cardinal Grand Cross will be at its most powerful range of near exact alignment beginning on, what a shocker!, the 19th of April until the 23rd of this month.

Geological Analysis of 2014 Cardinal Grand Cross

On March 11th of 2011, the Earth was literally shaken off its axis by the 5th worst earthquake and tsunami in human history, causing each subsequent day on this planet to be permanently shortened by 1.8 microseconds.

In my article, “The Astrology of Deluges and Critical Mass”, I was stupefied to realize that the earthquake and tsunami which took place off the Honshu coast of Japan in March of 2011, otherwise known as the Sendai or Tohoku Earthquake, occurred exactly as the planet which oversees earthquakes, Uranus, was in the very karmic last degree of mutual reception with the planet which oversees tsunamis, Neptune.

Our planet has been riddled with minor earthquake activity that appears to be gradually increasing in size and scale as of late. In the month of March alone, Los Angeles residents were reminded by Mother Nature that they live in earthquake country when two significant shakers hit – a 4.4 magnitude quake on March 18th and a 5.1 magnitude on March 31st.

Given the fact the Cardinal Grand Cross will be as close to exact on the last two days of Aries with the planet of magnification, Jupiter, positioned in the oceanic sign of Cancer directly opposed by the planet of extreme change, Pluto, in the Earth sign of Capricorn, plan on there being a major quake registering at a minimum of 6.0 on the Richter Scale to befall our world this upcoming April 19th or 20th.*** (See bottom of article for the predicted listing of not 1 but 2 earthquakes taking place at that time.)

Stock up on those Earthquake Emergency Kits, Angelinos!

Sociological Analysis of 2014 Cardinal Grand Cross

From my observation, the most worrisome aspect involving this year’s Cardinal Grand Cross is the planet of Rebellion and Revolution, Uranus, positioned in the sign ruled by the planet named after the God of War, Aries.

I view Uranus in Aries as the point of ignition behind this particular Grand Cross that could prove to be societally problematic in a most explosively violent way. Uranus rules over sudden, “out of the blue” events as well as revolt over the forces that be. Stir those planetary energies up in a sign associated with guns, war, and military aggression, toss it up within the foundation of a Cardinal Grand Cross, and the results could be stupefying based on violence and fighting erupting with lightning speed on the turn of a dime with a large number of people being affected in the melee which immediately ensues afterwards.

And the current place on this planet which serves as the most effective powder keg of civil unrest for this Uranian energy to best take hold?

The Crimea.

Overt tensions have been surging in both The Crimea and Ukraine with Russian military forces over the last few months and have stayed at dangerously high levels due to no outlets of resolution being found.

The Uranian lighter fluid of violent revolt is being further stoked when considering the capital of The Crimea, Sevastopol, from an astrological perspective.

Sevastopol is considered a Cancerian city, given its coastal location on the Black Sea, and the date of its founding of late June of 1783 taking place beneath the domain of the sign of the Crab.

Cancer is the sign of patriotism and of one’s Home or Mother land. The tensions occurring in Sevastopol and throughout The Crimea and Ukraine with the looming military might of Russia couldn’t be better symbolized than with Jupiter’s current positioning in the Heavens.

The largest planet in the Solar System which oversees expansion placed in Cancer, the sign of patriotism towards one’s Mother and Home could easily be interpreted as Mother Russia wanting to further expand her borders by bringing one of her lost children back to the roost – the area which has been the source of numerous displays of violent aggression in the past, including 19th century’s Crimean War and the 20th century’s Siege of Sevastopol during World War II, that unto itself has a Cancerian capital – The Crimea.

At bare minimum, expect some kind of military flare up between Ukranian and Russian forces to take place on either the 19th or 20th. On the other side of the aggressive spectrum, it should be mentioned that major losses of life could well occur amongst both civilians and military personnel alike during those same dates when considering a component of the current Cardinal Grand Cross is a very volatile Uranus placed in the war like sign of Aries.

Hope for that which is Ukranian Not Becoming So Uranian

This series began by focusing on the Mars Retrograde of 2014 and it must conclude with it as well, if only to provide some much needed hope amidst the oncoming Cardinal clouds of worry.

As earlier mentioned, the planet named after the God of War and Aggression is an integral part of this year’s Cardinal Grand Cross. However, what needs to be stipulated are two major Martian factors that together could prove to be the biggest of cosmic blessings for our planet and those who reside on it.

Mars’ energies are significantly diminished and offset by being passively inwards during its Retrograde Cycle which lasts until May 20th.

Along with that planetary fact, the current Mars Retrograde is taking place in the sign of its detriment Libra. Libra is the sign which opposes the sign which Mars naturally rules, Aries, and is associated with such non-violent Life aspects as diplomacy, harmony, and Peace, itself. The Red Planet’s Retrograde motion taking place in the sign of its detriment could prove to diffuse much of the energy that seems to be ever on the rise, both geologically and sociologically.

Since Jupiter, the planet of Luck and Blessings is exalted, or functions best in the sign it is currently positioned in, Cancer, with a little cosmic luck, the energies released by the upcoming Cardinal Grand Cross will be of a most productively constructive nature for each of us, both as individuals and as the denizens who all reside together on this one special heavenly body otherwise known as Planet Earth.

***4/19/14 - Not only did an earthquake hit on the day predicted (a 7.5 in Papua New Guinea), a 7.2 shaker took place in Acapulco, Mexico a few hours earlier, on April 18th.

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