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The Mars Retrograde of 2014 Part II – Snuffing Out the Flames of Tinseled Fame

It's not a coincidence that two of Hollywood's brightest stars recently lost were Fire Signs who passed during a Fiery Retrograde.
It's not a coincidence that two of Hollywood's brightest stars recently lost were Fire Signs who passed during a Fiery Retrograde.

The Mars Retrograde of 2014
Part II – Snuffing Out the Flames of Tinseled Fame

By: Brad Kronen

Philip Seymour Hoffman. Whitney Houston. Heath Ledger. Sally Menke (The Editing Force behind all films Tarantino).

What binding astrological theme do each of the names from the above mentioned list of Hollywood A-Listers all share in common?

Answer: All were Fire Sign celebrities who perished by their own demise during a Retrograde cycle of one or both of the Fiery Planets.

More on that grim grouping of famed members from the Family of Flame in a bit. Some Mars Retrograde recap needs to be recounted first.

Astrologically, the Fiery Planets are “action” oriented and they consist of the biggest space ball in all the Solar System, Jupiter, and The King of Planet’s highly energized, “lesser octave” of a planetary sidekick, Mars. Thanks to the Retrograde motion of the Fiery Planets, 2014 has so far embraced an energy dynamic that is in no way typical.

The present calendar year began with the larger of the Fiery Planets in the midst of an extended Retrograde Cycle which began back on November 7th of 2013. And just when the most recent Jupiter Retrograde was drawing to a close this past March 6th, Mars began its own Retrograde Cycle a few days prior on March 2nd, which we currently are experiencing until this upcoming May 20th.

As stated in Part I, during a Mars Retrograde the overall energies of our world gets turned passively inward, versus the Red Planet’s status quo of everything working and moving from a dynamic that’s usually aggressively outward.

In other Martian words, when the planet which astrologically oversees physical action as well as any of the body’s core drives goes in backwards, or “Retrograde” motion, energies are lower than usual, and the overall atmospheric drive to go into immediate action is subdued.

For the majority of us, this seemingly never ending dynamic of reversed Fiery energy has been seriously challenging, if merely for the fact we each must individually adjust to this extended period of low ebbed energy, accordingly.

For the portion of the human populace born beneath the action oriented element of Fire, however, the current astrological times have produced choice moments which have bordered on the unbearable.

Those born beneath the element of Fire, namely the signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, optimally exist from an active state of “doing”. In other flaming words, Fire Signs like being “busy” and function best when they sense that at any spontaneous moment of their action oriented lives, they have the freedom to “do” whatever they want, whenever they want to “do” it.

I know, Leos. The word “spontaneous” makes you Fixed Flames more than a little uncomfortable, but it fits the other two blowtorch signs of Aries and Sagittarius like the most well-worn glove from their sport of choice!

Now, during normal, non-Retrograde times, it’s highly recommended that every Fire Sign of any given gender, age, sexual orientation, and ethnicity that’s in sound health be as physically active as often as they can, in order to optimally function at the best of their Fiery capabilities.

But what’s a Fire Sign to “do” during a Retrograde Cycle of one of the Fiery Planets?

Like the rest of us, every member of the Family of Flame will feel a significantly lower flow of energy and motivational impetus to go into action. But instead of allowing themselves to adjust to the subdued atmosphere by partaking in such regenerative activities (yes, Aries & Sagittarius, the following are actual activities) as resting or meditation, a goodly portion of the Fire Signed population will force themselves to become even MORE actively busy than usual, assuming all the forced exertion will have them feeling like their old, action oriented selves, in no time, right?


Unfortunately, enforcing extra effort during a Mars or Jupiter Retrograde tends to make one feel even less energized and significantly more agitated. Should this most erroneous route of forced busy-ness be further pursued, the act of sleeping eventually can become quite problematic, due to all the built up agitation actively not allowing the body to go into its autopilot overdrive through the Land of Zzzzzzz’s.

Why then, do so many Fire Signs fall prey partaking in this foolish strategy of enforced action during a Mars or Jupiter Retrograde?

Just as those born beneath the element of Fire tend to possess an inherently strong sense of self, Flaming Folk also tend to have inherently strong opinions….even should one of those strongly held opinions be blatantly incorrect in a most obviously, silly way.

The obviously incorrect opinion in question being the typical Fire Sign’s firmest belief that anything considered to be IN-active is automatically evil/morally wrong/ or judged as waste to such criminal extent, that it warrants swift and immediate punishment.

O Foolish Flamers! Retrograde Cycles of the Fiery Planets are custom made for your astrological benefit! It’s the most effective way the Universe has of saying to you action oriented ones – SIT DOWN AND FREAKING SHUT UP!

That, and temporary periods of inactivity are not only constructively valuable, but crucially necessary for our overall well being as well.

When not in a state of active busy-ness, we are able to “do” such vitally obvious things as re-energizing ourselves by catching up on extra rest. But, equally as important, not being in constant action also allows each of us to partake in such crucial functions as processing our emotions from the past, taking stock of and fully appreciating what we currently are dealing with in the present, as well as allowing our faculties of intuition to enfold in order to help stratagize our future.

Conversely, there also is the option of following the snuffed flame route of example established by our grim grouping of Famous Former Fire Signs which began this piece:

Academy Award winner and Aries, Heath Ledger, left this world during a Retrograde Cycle of his planetary ruler, Mars, in 2008. The actor known as one of the best of his generation succumbed to prescription drug intoxication in the midst of an extended period of over-work overshadowed by an over-agitated inability to sleep. Please read my article, “Heath Ledger: The Snuffed Flame of Example” to inspire yourselves through fear into a state of deep and peaceful rest.

In the midst of the Jupiter Retrograde Cycle of 2010, the city of Los Angeles experienced one of its worst heat waves during the last week of September of that year. The most difficult day of that extremely hot period was when temperatures soared to 113 degrees on September 27th. This also was the day when action oriented film director Quentin Tarantino’s master editor, Sally Menke, left her home to embark on an extra-long hike in Hollywood's Griffith Park . The Sagittarian was doomed never to return, after her life expired from heat stroke. Please read my article, “The Snuffing of Hollywood’s Core – The Wasteful Loss of Sagittarian Sally Menke” so that your heated fears can cool down your jets of potentially unnecessary activity.

Even though there are 3 Fire signs, there are only 2 Fiery Planets. Why?

The planet which rules over the Fire sign of Leo, aka The Sun, never goes into Retrograde Motion. (Imagine how seriously fried we’d all be if that weren’t the case).

Remarkably, in a most tragic way, both of the two Leonine celebrities of tragic example not only left this world during a Fiery Planet Retrograde Cycle, (He during the most recent Jupiter Retrograde of 2013/2014 and She during the Mars Retrograde Cycle of 2012), but the lives of Academy Award winner, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Grammy Award winner, Whitney Houston were also both extinguished during the month of February, the time of year when the Sun is in direct opposition to the Solar ruled sign of Leo.

Please read my piece, “Whitney Houston: Despite The Greatest Love of All” for each of your individual lights to remain shining on the right track of approach.

After taking all that in, we should all be ready to take in Part III, which leaves the perspective of the personal and applies the influences of the current Mars Retrograde to the upcoming astrological challenges approaching the world at large out through the current month of April.

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