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The Marriage Information in Woman’s Fate

In my last article, I showed readers how to analyze a person’s fate by applying the Eight Characters (八字). In this article, I will show you how to analyze someone’s marriage through their Eight Characters.

In 2011, a lady came to me for personal Feng Shui consulting, below are her Eight Characters:
(Note: please refer my previous article to learn how to read Eight Characters)

乙 YI-wood 戊 WU-e 癸 GUI-w 辛XIN-m
未 wei earth 子 zi-w 丑 chou-e 酉you-m

Note: GUI-water is Master Qi, e: earth energy, w: water energy, m: metal energy

According to Feng Shui, if a woman’s Master Qi is too strong, more than likely she has more setbacks when getting married. In this lady’s Eight Characters, her personal Master Qi (GUI) is a water energy, and this particular water energy was born in a month associated with a another strong water energy - ZI. Additionally, there are two metal Qi that exist in Hour column, since we know that metal produces water, the result is that Master Qi gains even more water power from the support of the metal Qi; in addition to these visible metal elements, both chou-earth (Date column) and you-metal (Hour column) are combined to produce a new metal Qi, so more metal energy is created, thus producing more water energy. As you can see her water energy is way too strong.

Since her Master Qi was so strong, it was obvious that her marriage would not be good. I didn’t even need to analyze her husband’s information in her Eight Characters.

In this case, WU-earth in month column represents her husband, and WU is a very weak earth energy. This weak earth energy can not balance with the very strong Master water energy, which means that her marriage is unhappy. I suggested that she should move south of her birthplace, going farther south would strengthen her husband’s earth energy (south is associated with fire energy, and fire produces earth), and a stronger earth energy would help to balance her water energy.

Another factor in her fate also caught my attention. The wood energy in her Eight Characters is called Shang Guan (伤官), Shang Guan represents many factors in Eight Characters such as son, talent, but also represents “harming” husband and “harming” career. I noticed that the wood energy from 2012 to 2016 has a strong impact on her fate, and it indicates that either her marriage may be over or her husband’s health or career may be in trouble. So I told her to pay attention to marital relationship and her husband’s health during this period of time.

Of course, Shang Guan also represents talent and achievement in our life, but each person’s case is different, for Shang Guan can actually have different impacts in a person’s life.

Lidong (Stanley) Yu


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