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The Marketing Doctor’s 2013 brand winners, losers

Listen to "The Marketing Doctor" to learn if you are a brand winner or a brand loser.
Listen to "The Marketing Doctor" to learn if you are a brand winner or a brand loser.
Dr. John Tantillo

This is the season of office parties, family gatherings, good cheer and for exchanging gifts. This also is the time of year for the compilation of countless lists that document the best and worst in an infinite number of categories.

The first of the 2013 lists to appear is the always enlightening and enjoyable brand winners and brand losers for the year compiled by Dr. John Tantillo. Best known as The Marketing Doctor, Dr. Tantillo is the author of People Buy Brands Not Companies. He is a contributor to Fox News and Fox Business Network. His weekly New York radio program (Brand Talk’s Go Brand Yourself! on WVOX 1460 AM) also can be heard online each Thursday afternoon.

From Pope Francis To Paula Deen

On one branding side this year, according to Dr. Tantillo, are Pope Francis, US Air/American Airlines, Heinz, the Royal Family/Prince George and Twinkies. On the other side are Obamacare, Blackberry, Carnival Cruise Lines, Paula Deen and JC Penney.

It is not difficult to determine which grouping consists of 2013 brand winners and which names are 2013 brand losers. It is important, however, for every marketer to understand the reasons for these designations. The bottom line branding strategy for Dr. Tantillo is that a brand must successfully project the right things to the right people.

Read more about this year’s brand winners and losers by The Marketing Doctor on the American Marketing Association website.

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