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The Mario Marchese Brand of Principles and Politics

Mario Marchese, Republican State Rep. candidate for 19th Middlesex District in Massachusetts
Mario Marchese, Republican State Rep. candidate for 19th Middlesex District in Massachusetts
Mario Marchese

As a young boy, Mario Marchese learned a number of invaluable lessons from his parents, both immigrants of Sicily. They spoke little English upon arriving in this country and came from modest means, yet they never used either fact as an excuse for not achieving or trying to do so. The Marcheses believed that a sense of integrity and hard work were necessary for any kind of enduring and sustainable success. Today, Mario and his wife, Maria, work to inculcate the same values in their children, Vittoria and Phillip. He is, however, not only a proud family man, but also the Republican candidate for State Representative in Massachusetts' 19th Middlesex District in the 2010 election. 

Never failing to thank the Democrat incumbent James R. Miceli for his service and commitment, Marchese, nevertheless, believes that new ideas are needed. So, he has been diligently working throughout the district, sharing his platform. Driven by concern for his own children, he has positioned education at the forefront. He thinks that education reform only helps about four percent of the schools and that available funds would be better invested in the existing public schools. Moreover, he sees the interests of unions as playing too large a role in the educative experience. In his opinion, the focus should be on the needs of the children. He states matter-of-factly, “It’s not about union interests or even my interests. It is about our children’s future, providing them with the requisite tools to play active roles in our communities.”

Fiscal responsibility is another cornerstone of the Marchese State Representative campaign. He proudly points to the surplus of $4.5 million dollars that the town of Wilmington enjoys. Mr. Marchese credits this rarity to the pragmatic and skillful approach of Town Manager Michael Caira. He would like to build upon this as well as bring this common sense touch to Tewksbury. Additionally, Marchese would like to stimulate the economy of this town by rezoning Routes 38 and 495 to bring business into it. He equally would like to invest in the Tewksbury State Hospital and bring back the once competitive nursing program, which had been cut due to budget constraints.

Despite his many ideas, do not think that Marchese is a candidate of change. “People are tired of change. At this point, that is all people have left in their pockets.” Instead, he believes that Beacon Hill needs balance and more independent voices that speak to the needs of the people. On November 2nd, Mario Marchese hopes to bring his brand of representation to Beacon Hill.