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The march on Washington for energy independence plan began today and Colorado is taking part


Picture from the Pickens plan site "Share" tab

I was informed about a three day virtual march on Washington DC to promote the Pickens Plan by my friend and colleague, Jenny Pitkin-Emerson, owner of Emerson Search Accounting and Finance in Denver, Colorado. She encouraged me to learn more about this virtual march so I investigated the effort to see if Colorado was taking part. Geoff Bailey is the Regional Leader of Colorado for what the Pickens site calls the New Energy Army. Colorado has a blog area called the Colorado New Energy Army Blog. The seven district leaders for Colorado are David Sprecace, Michael Dolan, Scott Scharin, Ken Koch, Richard Haas, Larry Kurtz, and Joseph Soto. They are seeking pledges by Members of Congress and US Senators to use the Pickens Plan as a solution to the energy crisis.

I was extremely impressed with the information available on the site. I found the site to be both informative and educational in expressing the T. Boone Pickens plan. T. Boone Pickens is a geologist and founder of Mesa Petroleum who has a plan for the United States to reduce its dependence on foreign oil through the use of wind and thermal energy. The plan would involve replacing natural gas, a domestic energy source, with wind and thermal energy and transitioning the oil fueled automotives to natural gas generated vehicles. He makes some excellent points about the benefits of implementing his plan including our depletion of domestic oil reserves, our severe lag behind other countries in employment of natural gas vehicles, and the comparatively low cost associated with implementing a plan to reduce our dependence on foreign oil within the next 10 years.

The three day virtual march on Washington began today, April 1, 2009 and ends Friday, April 3, 2009. If you are interested in joining the 4.6 million people who began marching today, go to and check out the plan. Happy marching!


  • Lee Mossel 5 years ago

    Nice article. Boone is an interesting and innovative guy who has made billions by being "ahead of the game" in lots of ways. I think the best part of his plan is recognizing that the US will need ALL sources of energy in the future and that wind and solar will only supply a portion of our needs. The plan promotes natural gas, of which we have an abundance, as a transition fuel, aimed primarily at automotive, internal combustion engines, until such time as ALL alternative forms of energy can be developed.

    Boone Pickens has always had a profit motive in everything he has done but he is not just another "big oil" guy. He will be the keynote speaker at the AAPG convention held in Denver June 7-10.

  • pteres 5 years ago

    Pickens is pretty awsome, I think he really cares about america. anyone that hasnt needs to go and check out his plans for our country.
    or his life story at I really like this guy.

  • Gail K 5 years ago

    Thanks Deanna. Looks like a good cause for our country.